Labyrinth of Life
Labyrinth of Life

Labyrinth of Life

The Labyrinth of Life

Realm of Ubtao

Location: Outlands / Ringlands

Imagine a jungle labyrinth, so vast and tangled that even the most adventurous cutter with the sharpest machete could lose their way. The canopy is thick, letting only dappled light seep through, and casting shadows that dance and twist like spirits. The air is heavy with the scent of wet earth, rich foliage, and the distant aroma of exotic flowers. The constant hum of life echoes through the maze—the chirp of insects, the call of birds, the rustle of leaves in the ever-present, whispering wind.

In this realm, time seems to stand still, yet life thrives in its most primal form. The paths of the labyrinth are not just twisting trails of dirt but living, shifting entities. The vegetation itself seems to have a mind of its own, growing and moving in ways that defy nature, and confuse those who would try to walk the maze. It’s said that the labyrinth’s routes change at the fickle whim of cryptic Ubtao, it’s creator and master.

The inhabitants of this place are as diverse as the foliage. Intelligent dinosaurs, petitioners of the race known as the saurials, roam these parts. These creatures, evolved and wise, have built a society that’s nothing less than a marvel. They’ve created their communities in harmony with the labyrinth, using natural clearings and caverns as homes and public spaces. They’re skilled hunters, but they also show a deep reverence for the life around them, understanding the balance of nature as only Ubtao’s favourite children could.

And then there are the cat-like tabaxi petitioners, more souls of the departed who also make their afterlives here. They mingle with the saurials, their societies intertwining like vines. The tabaxi, agile and curious, climb and leap through the canopy with ease, part playful and part deadly—if you’re unlucky enough to be their prey that is. The tabaxi share tales with the saurials, trade knowledge, and together they celebrate the mysteries of Ubtao in grand festivals under the stars.

But when Ubtao is in residence, now, that’s a sight to behold. His massive tyrannosaurus rex form thunders through the labyrinth, shaking the ground with each step. When Ubtao roams, the rest of the jungle holds its breath—the saurials show reverence, and the tabaxi scatter and watch in awe from the shadows. Ubtao’s rare presence is a reminder of the raw power and majesty of nature. When the roar of the dinosaur-god echoes through the labyrinth, it’s a sound so deep and primal that it resonates in the very soul of every creature there.

Canonical Sources: Powers & Pantheons [2e] p88 (description of the power and his worshippers, brief mention of the realm)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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