Great Smithy
Great Smithy

Great Smithy

The Great Smithy

Location: Outlands / Tir na Og

Goibhniu’s Forge

The Great Smithy of Goibhniu is nestled in the foothills of Tir na Og within the Outlands. The forges here are the beating heart of creation and craftsmanship in the Celtic realms, where the flames burn with passion and the anvils ring with the songs of ages.

Picture a realm where the landscape itself is shaped by the hands of a master smith. Mountains of iron and hills of coal, rivers of molten metal flow like fiery serpents through the valleys. The sky above is a swirl of smoke and sparks, a constant reminder of the ceaseless work that goes on below.

The Great Smithy itself is a colossal structure, as grand as any hall in the multiverse. Its walls are forged from the strongest metals, etched with runes of power and protection. Inside, the forges are alive with divine fire, flames that can melt the hardest ores and forge the most enchanted of metals. The air is filled with the sound of hammers and the roar of bellows, a symphony of industry and creativity.

Goibhniu, the god of the forge, is a figure of awe and sweat, his mighty hammer ringing out, with each strike echoing across his entire domain. He is the patron of all smiths, a master craftsman whose creations are unrivalled across the planes. His workbench is littered with projects both mundane and magical, from simple horseshoes to swords that could cut through the fabric of reality itself.

But the Great Smithy is more than just a place of work; it’s a place of learning and teaching. Here, Goibhniu’s proxies take apprentices from across the multiverse, training them in the ancient arts of smithing and metallurgy.

The realm is also home to a myriad of unusual creatures, each playing a role in the smithing process. Fire elementals dance through the forges, their bodies heating the metal. Dwarves, gnomes, and other beings adept in the craft work tirelessly, their skilled hands shaping the soft metal.

In the Great Smithy, every item forged is imbued with a piece of Goibhniu’s essence, making them objects of great power and desire. Warriors and heroes from across the planes seek out the weapons and armour of the realm, knowing that to wield even a piece forged by one of Goibhniu’s apprentices is to wield a piece of legend.

But mind you, the Great Smithy ain’t just about war and weapons. Goibhniu also forges tools for peace and creation, items that aid in the building and nurturing of civilisations. His realm crystallises the idea that from fire and metal, beauty and strength can emerge.

Goibhniu’s Rest

Goibhniu’s Rest, set within the grandeur of his realm in Tir na Og, is a place of solace and rejuvenation, as vital to the Great Smithy as the forge itself. Imagine a sanctuary where even a deity like Goibhniu, ever busy at his anvil, can lay down his hammer and find respite.

The Rest is a secluded glen, nestled away from the ceaseless clanging and roaring fires of the main forge. Here, the landscape shifts from the industrial to the natural. Ancient oaks and ash trees form a protective canopy, their leaves rustling with ancient songs of the earth and metal. Beneath these boughs, a serene garden blooms, filled with plants and herbs known for their healing properties, imbued with magical qualities known only to Goibhniu’s most trusted servants.

At the heart of Goibhniu’s Rest lies a clear, tranquil pool, its waters imbued with the same magic that fuels the forges. These waters are said to rejuvenate both body and spirit, healing the fatigue of endless labour and inspiring new ideas for creation.

Scattered around the garden are benches and tables made from the finest wood, carved with intricate designs depicting scenes of legendary battles and creations. Here, Goibhniu’s proxies and apprentices gather to share meals and stories, to discuss new projects, or simply to enjoy the peace away from the heat of the forge.

In Goibhniu’s Rest, one can also find a modest library, a trove of knowledge containing manuscripts and scrolls detailing the secrets of metallurgy, enchantments, and the history of smithing across the planes. This is a place of learning and reflection, where Goibhniu contemplates new creations and apprentices can expand their understanding of the craft.

At times, the Rest is visited by other deities and legendary heroes, seeking counsel or commissioning works from Goibhniu. These visits are often marked by great feasting and celebration, the glen alive with music and laughter.

Goibhniu’s Rest, thus, serves as a counterbalance to the relentless activity of the Great Smithy. It is a testament to the importance of balance – work and rest, creation and contemplation. This serene corner reminds a cutter that even the greatest of creators needs time to step back from the forge, to find inspiration in the quiet, and to return to their craft with renewed vigour.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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