Location: Outlands / Ringlands

Picture a monastery perched precariously atop a mountain, the entire edifice balanced on a rock that itself seems to defy gravity. This is s a place where the ground itself holds the secrets of balance, and the monks tread a path so carefully, you’d think the ground beneath ’em was made of glass.

These monks, they don’t rush. Not for anything. Each step, each breath, each word is measured, deliberate. It’s like they’re dancing to a tune only they can hear, making sure each move is perfectly aligned with their philosophy of neutrality. They’re a curious lot, devoted to maintaining an absolute balance in their actions and deeds, aiming to avoid tipping too far towards any one deity or power. This means, depending on their current tally, they might lend you a hand or throw a spanner in your works, and you’d be none the wiser as to why.

They pray to all the powers equally, a practice as intriguing as it is baffling. Imagine the discipline it takes to not favour one divine over another, especially on a plane as varied as the Outlands.

And then, there’s the secret they’re said to guard, the portal to K’un Lun. Now, that’s a story wrapped in a tissue of mystery. The chant goes that K’un Lun sits between the realms of lawful goodness and the vast neutral expanse, embodying the philosophy where moderation isn’t just a virtue—it’s the very essence of existence. Some might call it dull, but there’s beauty in the balance, a serene tranquility that seeps into your bones.

Venturing through Shangri-La to reach K’un Lun is a journey few have made, and fewer still understand. It’s a test, not of strength or wit, but of one’s ability to embrace the middle path, to find peace in the stillness between actions.

So, if you ever find yourself wandering near the River Ma’at, and the mountain of Shangri-La looms on the horizon, tread carefully, cutter. You might just find the balance you never knew you were searching for—or tip the scales in a way you never intended.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt and Greg Jensen

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