Let’s venture together into the surly streets of Ceras, where even the air smells of suspicion. Wedged ‘twixt two monstrous horns like a splinter in a fiend’s foot, Ceras is as friendly as a rabid barghest. This burg’s got the charm of a gorgon’s gaze, and its locals are about as welcoming as a pit of vipers. It’s not just the locals that are tight-lipped, the streets are so narrow, you’d think they’re tryin’ to squeeze the truth outta ya.

Some say the horns come from the same creature that gave the town of Ribcage, about a day’s journey away, its ribs. At any rate, you won’t find a more inhospitable, xenophobic, and intolerant indep town anywhere on the Outlands. 

“What’s the character of this town? Sod off, berk! None of your sodding business, that’s what! Now if I were you, I’d turn around and leave real quick before my mates here fill you full of crossbow bolts, and that’s no bluff!”

—Traditional local greeting

But here’s the rub: the barmy rumour is that these sods are sittin’ atop a gate to a plane no basher’s laid eyes on. And anyone who’s come close to peelin’ back that veil? Well, let’s just say they’re not around to spin the tale.

For a crew of plucky planewalkers, Ceras offers a trove of mystery and danger:

  • Horned Secrets: The horns ain’t just for show. There’s a chant that they’re keys to the hidden gate. A curious scholar needs a group to study the horns, dodgin’ the locals’ bolts and barbs.
  • Gatecrashers: A faction from Sigil’s got wind of the gate and wants it opened, whatever the cost. They need a group brave (or daft) enough to sneak into Ceras and find the gate, all under the nose of the paranoid townsfolk.
  • Disappearing Act: Folks have been vanishin’ near Ceras. A distressed relative hires the party to investigate. Is it the work of the xenophobic locals, or somethin’ more sinister linked to the mysterious gate?

The Dark: Ceras is rumoured to be the gate town to Sheol, one of the theoretical Planes of Cordance. Additionally, a barmy in the Bleakers’ Gatehouse in Sigil claims to know more about the origin of the horns.

Source: Leir the Explorer aka Greg Jensen

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