The Silver Prince. N lesser power of the moon, magic, night [He/Him]

Pantheon: Cerilian

Symbol: A crescent moon

Realm: Outlands / Silver Lands

Known Proxies: None

Ruornil, known as the Silver Prince, embodies the enigmatic allure of the moon, the profound silence of the night, and the boundless potential of magic. His essence is intertwined with the arcane, making him a natural protector of the sacred places where magical power thrums in the veins of the earth. Ruornil has dedicated himself to shielding these sources of magical energy from the creeping tendrils of the Shadow World, a realm that seeks to corrupt and consume the pure essence of magic.

Before ascending to godhood, Ruornil was a mortal of Anuire, and a devout follower of Vorynn, the ancient deity of magic. In the catastrophic aftermath of the battle at Mount Deimaar, over 1,500 years ago, Ruornil emerged as the inheritor of Vorynn’s mantle, an apotheosis that marked the birth of a new guardian of the arcane mysteries of the planes.

Ruornil’s appearance is that of a slender, dark-haired youth clad in silver robes, an eternal wanderer under the moon’s glow.  He’s the husband of the Cerilian goddess of commerce, Sera, whose realm the Marketplace Eternal is usually found near to the Silver Lands. Together, they have a daughter named Eloéle, the Sister of Thieves. 

The Silver Lands, Ruornil’s domain within the Ringlands, is a reflection of his power and philosophy. It is a place where the eternal night reigns under the watchful eye of a moon that casts no shadows, and where magic is both a gift and a responsibility. This realm serves as a haven for those who seek to understand the deeper mysteries of the arcane, free from the corruption of the Shadow World. 

Ruornil’s followers and petitioners are woodsmen, artisans, astrologers, and wizards all pay homage to his power, recognising him as the fountainhead of their magical pursuits. Even those who do not directly worship him cannot deny the influence he wields over the arcane. His temples, often hidden within the seclusion of forests and wilderness dells, are places of quiet contemplation and study.

Canonical Sources: Birthright Campaign Setting p76, On Hallowed Ground p179.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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