The Daghdha

The Dozen King, Eochaid Ollathair

CG greater power of weather, crops (He/Him)

Pantheon: Celtic (Tuatha de Danann)

Symbol: A bubbling cauldron or a shield

Realm: Outlands / Tir na Og / Mag Mell

Proxy: Bran (proxy half-elf ranger [he/him] / CG)

The Daghdha, the high-up of the Celtic pantheon, a real mover and shaker of the Great Ring. While he’s personally partial to chaos mixed with kindness, he’s strategic enough to orchestrate the Celtic pantheon’s neutrality with the finesse of a bard tuning a lute. He’s a child of Danu, older than the stones of Sigil, with a wisdom to boot. They call him “the Daghdha,” not just any old Daghdha, mind you, out of respect for his station.

Now, don’t let his joker’s grin and simple attire fool you. When you’re as mighty as the Daghda, you just don’t need to dress fancy. Some berks think he’s all jest and no wits because he loves a good prank, but that’s just the top layer of the cake. Underneath the icing, he’s sharper than razorvine. He’s a beloved leader by most of the pantheon, and even beyond, particularly among the trickster gods from other pantheons like Diancastra, Garl Glittergold and even Loki. But, by the Powers, don’t mention him in the same breath as Ramman or Zeus—those no-nonsense sods can’t take a joke to save their lives.

Mag Mell, his realm, is a slice of paradise. It’s a place where the work’s as light as a feather and the play as hearty as a tankard of ale. The lands, a patchwork of woods and farms, roll on like a never-ending story, all leading to the heart of it all, the Grove of the Daghdha. There, his mighty cauldron bubbles with the stuff of legend. Chant goes he can pull any item he wants right out of the barmy thing.

A cutter called Bran is his main proxy, a half-elf with a grin as wide as the Lady’s Ward. Don’t let his daft act fool you; the blood’s as cunning as a fox. He’s got the run of the cauldron, no permission needed, and he can sniff out an outsider in Mag Mell quicker than you can say “dead-book.”

Canonical Sources:

  • On Hallowed Ground [2e] p41,48,68-70,74,96,106,118,125,143,172
  • Planescape Campaign Setting: Sigil and Beyond [2e] p16 (mention)

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