The Wanton Wanderer, the Maid of Adventure, Annam’s Witty Daughter. CN demipower of trickery, wit, impudence, pleasure [She/Her]

Pantheon: Ordning

Symbol: A sea-green streak

Realm: Outlands / Wandering

Diancastra is the saucy trickster of the Ordning and a bonafide goddess of wit and pleasure. She’s no berk, but a real clever cove when it comes to the art of the scam. Picture this: a towering giantess, standing a grand 25 feet, with a mug that’s big-boned but fetching, or maybe she’s a slender elf maiden barely scraping 4 feet in heels. But no matter her guise, you can’t miss her trademark peepers—green-flecked amber, like a storm at sunrise, and that curious streak of sea-green skin along her left shoulder-blade, a mark as unique as a thumbprint.

Now Diancastra’s all about living the high life, and she ain’t shy ’bout it. She’s a free spirit, a lover of life’s pleasures—be it a mind-tickling riddle or the thrill of a forbidden romance. She believes in the joy of discovery, the rush of adventure, and the sweet taste of success that’s been won by wit, not brawn. For her, life’s a grand game, and she plays it with a wink and a smile.

Now, this lass has stories that’d make even a Sensate’s head spin. Born to Annam, the big boss of giant gods—now a hermit power—and a mortal mother (likely a storm or cloud giant), Diancastra’s not one to sit pretty in some cloud-top court. No, she’s out there, making waves.

Remember the time she circled a Prime world in under an hour? A tall tale, you think? But that’s Diancastra for you. Annam sets her this impossible task, and what does she do? She nicks a page from Stronmaus’s atlas, draws a circle around it, and claims victory. Even Annam had to laugh at that one. Some say Diancastra;s the only blood who can make that old coot laugh these days, to be honest.

And let’s not forget her capers—like the time she nicked a black pearl necklace right from under Blibdoolpoolp’s nose, or when she bamboozled a servitor of Surtr in a chase of illusions while her owl pinched his spellbooks. She’s a clever one, always a step ahead, always with a trick up her enormous sleeve.

Her escapades are the stuff of legend. Sphinx riddles? Child’s play for her. Making solemn sages crack a smile with her puns and banter? A walk in the park. She’s danced through tr Labyrinth of Life, won drinking contests with fey royalty, and learnt bard’s tricks. Aye, she’s a bard too, with a voice that can charm the birds from the trees.

Now, if you’re a berk or a blood out in the Outlands and you catch Diancastra’s eye, you’re in for a wild ride. She’s got a thing for adventurers, especially those with a spark of wit or a tale worth hearing. She might join you for a bit of fun, share a secret or two, maybe even lend a hand with a spell if you’re lucky. But don’t go thinking you can outsmart her—she’s always three steps ahead. And they’re big steps too, she’s got very long legs.

And if she really takes a shine to you? Well, you might find yourself on a quest straight out of a bard’s tale, hunting for lost treasures, unraveling ancient mysteries, or even crossing wits with a god or two. Just remember, with Diancastra, everything’s a game, she’s the one making the rules, and she’s a power and sometimes forgets that her playmates aren’t. Things can get messy.

Diancastra is not a goddess not bound by convention, she’s a spirit as wild as the winds of Pandemonium, and as changeable as Limbo. She’s a reminder that a sharp mind and a playful heart can be as mighty as the strongest sword arm. Keep your wits about you, and who knows, you might just earn a wink and a nod from the trickster goddess herself.

Canonical Sources:

  • In the Cage [2e] p30 (temple in the Lady’s Ward, Sigil)
  • On Hallowed Ground [2e] p175 (mention in a table)


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