Xan Yae
Xan Yae

Xan Yae

Xan Yae

Lady of Perfection, the Perfect Mistress, Supreme Mistress of Petals. N lesser power of twilight, shadows, stealth, mental and physical mastery of mind over matter (She/They)

Pantheon: Oerdian

Symbol: Black lotus blossom

Realm: Outlands / Ringlands and Underlands / Tower of Iron Will

Known Proxies: None

Let’s slip into the shadows and whisper about Xan Yae, the mistress of twilight, shadows, stealth, and the mental arts. Xan Yae is the embodiment of the Baklunish ideal of perfection through balance, a dance between the day and the night, a figure that’s as likely to be revered by a shadow-lurking rogue as by a contemplative monk. Her philosophy’s a bit of a head-spinner for the common brawler or spell-slinger; Xan Yae teaches that the greatest power lies in the unseen, in the mastery of the mind and the subtleties of balance. True strength, according to her, ain’t in the swing of a sword but in the unseen force of will that guides it. Xan Yae works in the shadows to salvage the balance from the overzealous efforts of good and the inexorable tug of evil. She works from the shadows to strengthen the fragile balance between darkness and light. Every dusk is a reminder of the balance between day and night, every shadow a lesson in the interplay of light and darkness.

Xan Yae’s teachings centre around three principles:

  • The Universal Mind. One mind is all minds, both the creator of the multiverse and the sustainer of reality.
  • Perpetual Harmony. There must be a symmetrical balance between Law and Chaos, Good and Evil. When an individual mind can also achieve this same perfect balance, they tap into their true nature, and harmony with the multiverse.
  • Internal Peace. Achieving mastery of one’s own mind, emotions and body are the key to reaching the next level of existence.

Xan Yae’s philosophy carves out a niche of tranquility amid the swirling philosophies of the Great Ring. Her followers, the D’Ai Shaton, are as elusive as the goddess they serve, moving through the Outlands like whispers on the wind. They’re mediators in conflicts, champions of the unseen, and seekers of a higher balance, always striving to bring the world into alignment with the Universal Mind. The rilmani, those curious berks of perfect balance, they nod in respect towards Xan Yae’s work. To them, she’s not just another power playing the Great Game; she’s a player with the right idea. Her pursuit of balance aligns with their own, making her one of the few deities they might tip their hats to, if rilmani were the sort to wear hats. They see in her a kindred spirit, albeit one still bound to the follies of worship and devotion, which as the rilmani saying goes, is like choosing a favourite grain of sand on a beach.

Up in Sigil, Xan Yae is given the nod by cutters from several factions, who all feel she represents their philosophy. Part of the training for Cipher factotums is to study under one of the D’Ai Shaton, who seek enlightenment in the ways of eternal harmony. Members of the Mind’s Eye look to Xan Yae’s teachings on the universal mind. And the remnants of the Believers of the Source point to the transcendence that Xan Yae’s philosophy promises.

Canonical Sources: Polyhedron #139 p20, philosophy and priesthood of Xan Yae

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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