Misadventure. N Lesser power of stealth, thievery, adventure [He/Him]

Symbol: Halfling’s footprint

Pantheon: Yondalla’s Children

Realm: Wanders, especially the Prime and realms of the Outlands

Known Proxies: Elenai the Dim (proxy halfling thief [she/her] / N), Adnias Feltfoot (proxy halfling thief [he/him] / Indeps / N)

Brandobaris, the Halfling power of thievery and adventure—now there’s a name that sparks tales of mischief, cunning, and the thrill of the unknown. And not just the unknown contents of pocketsies. With the appearance of an innocent young cutter, Brandobaris embodies the spirit of those halflings who yearn for more than a quiet life by the hearth. He’s the patron of the adventurous soul, the mischievous heart, and the nimble-fingered.

Brandobaris teaches that life is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. He doesn’t just condone thievery; he celebrates it as an art form, a test of wit and skill. To him, the thrill of the heist, the joy of the escape, and the stories that follow are worth more than the loot itself. His followers are encouraged to see the world, to take chances, and to revel in the joy of living. He’s a reminder that sometimes, the greatest treasures aren’t gold or jewels, but the tales and memories we gather. Gold definitely comes a close second though…

Brandobaris is a wanderer, a lover of the journey more than the destination. He’s known to pop into the realms of other deities, halfling or otherwise, always seeking something new, a fresh experience, or a bit of fun. His visits to the Prime Material Plane are legendary; he often appears as an ordinary halfling rogue, enlisting his followers in grand adventures where the risks are high, but the rewards higher. He’s also found wandering the Outer Planes, particularly the Outlands with its rich pickings of divine realms and easy getaway routes.

The priests of Brandobaris, garbed in leather of blacks and browns, are a blend of the holy and the roguish. Their temples, as varied as their god’s whims, are often hidden, serving as sanctuaries for the playful and cunning. Ceremonies under the full moon, a time of mystery and potential, involve the sacrifice of treasures acquired through wits and daring. These priests are not just cutters of the cloth; they’re adventurers, thieves, and tricksters, embodying the essence of Brandobaris.

In the lives of halflings, Brandobaris is a symbol of the path less traveled. He’s the whisper in the wind that urges them to leap into the unknown, the nudge towards a door best left unopened, and the invisible hand guiding them out of tight spots. His influence is seen in the twinkle of an eye, the smirk at the corner of a mouth, and the light step of a halfling embarking on an unforeseen journey. Brandobaris might seem a mere thread of mischief and mirth. But to those who cherish freedom, who relish the thrill of the unknown, and who find joy in the dance of danger and delight, he is a guiding star—a reminder that life is an adventure worth living.

Elenai the Dim and Adnias Feltfoot, the two known proxies of Brandobaris, are as cunning and adventurous as the deity they serve. Their escapades are the stuff of legendary bedtime stories among halfling communities, the two cutters being credited with more exciting tales than seems physically possible, as more sedentary halflings live vicariously through these tales.

Elenai, known as “the Dim,” is not dim by any means; the title is a clever misdirection, a trick to lower the guard of her marks. She’s a master of stealth and deception, with a knack for vanishing into shadows. Elenai is petite, even for a halfling, with quick, darting eyes that miss nothing. Her hair is a cascade of sun-kissed brown, often tied back to keep out of her face during her escapades. Her attire typically consists of muted greens and browns, blending seamlessly into her surroundings. Elenai embodies the mischievous spirit of Brandobaris, always seeking the thrill of a new heist or a challenging lock to pick. Her mischievous grin is a clear indication of her love for the game of thievery.

Adnias Feltfoot, on the other hand, is a halfling of considerable charm and grace. His nimble fingers are as skilled at picking pockets as they are at strumming a lute. Adnias has a mop of curly hair, a roguish beard—itself a rarity for a halfling—and eyes that sparkle with mirth and adventure. He often dresses in fine, albeit practical, clothing, favouring vests and breeches that allow for easy movement. Adnias is a storyteller at heart, often regaling his fellow halflings with tales of daring escapades and narrow escapes. He lives by Brandobaris’ creed of seeing the world and experiencing its wonders, often leading him into the most unexpected of adventures.

Canonical Sources:

  • Dragon Magazine #177 [2e] p83 (speciality priests of Brandobaris)
  • On Hallowed Ground [2e] p112,175 (short description of Brandobaris)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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