Tir fo Thiunn
Tir fo Thiunn

Tir fo Thiunn

Tir fo Thiunn

Realm of Manannan Mac Lir of the Celtic pantheon

Location: Outlands / adjacent to Tir na Og

Tir fo Thuinn, the underwater realm of Manannán mac Lir, the Celtic god of the sea, is a place of wonder as unfathomable as the ocean itself. This realm, hidden beneath the waves, is a marvel of ancient Celtic mythology, a domain not bound by the laws of the surface world. Sailors beware, for the realm’s boundaries aren’t marked on the surface of the sea, but Manannan still gets mighty angry at trespassers, and might throw a storm their way.

A berk will obviously need to be able to breathe water to explore the realm below. While all petitioners of Manannan have the ability, the same’s not true for visitors, even cutters from Tir na Og. And don’t expect a local to assist you if your water breath spell runs out; there not known to be the most helpful in that respect.

Underwater, it’s much easier to tell where you are. Tir fo Thuinn is an underwater marvel of colours and lights, a world where the concept of up and down loses its meaning. Imagine colossal coral structures glowing with a phosphorescent light, forests of kelp that stretch as far as the eye can see, and deep trenches that hide secrets older than the land itself.

The architecture of Tir fo Thuinn is unlike anything on land. Buildings are carved from coral and pearl, shaped by the currents and the will of Manannán. These structures are both part of the sea and a testament to the god’s power. They’re designed to be in harmony with their surroundings, creating a balance between the natural environment and the needs of the inhabitants.

The heart of the realm is Manannán’s palace, a sprawling complex of towers and halls, resplendent in shades of aquamarine and pearl. The towers and corridors of the palace are said to be constantly shifting and changing, just like the sea itself.

The inhabitants of Tir fo Thuinn are as diverse as the ocean is deep. Merfolk petitioners are the most common beings here, living in harmony with their environment. They’re skilled artisans and builders, working with coral and shell, sand and pearl to create their homes. These merfolk are loyal to Manannán, serving as his subjects and messengers throughout the watery realm. 

Other creatures, both mythical and mysterious, also dwell here. Schools of brightly coloured fish that are more than they seem weave through the water, each fish a pair of eyes through which Manannan can watch over his realm. The petitioners herd the fish as if they’re cattle, farm the kelp forests and the mussel beds. Sea serpents are said to dwell in deep grottos here too—the chant whispered out of Manannan’s earshot is that some of them might be his children. Whatever is down there in the deep must have found a way to survive the strong currents that’ll rip an unwary cutter away from his companions mercilessly.

Life in Tir fo Thuinn is a melody of the ocean’s song. The inhabitants move with the grace and fluidity of the currents, their lives intertwined with the rhythms of the tides. They are attuned to the moods of the sea and their god, living in a realm where time is measured in the ebb and flow of the waters.

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt, mimir.net

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