I am the Mimir

I am the Mimir

I am the Mimir

Mimir, tell me about…

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Something Old

Being a deep dive into the dark of a planar subject

Something New

Being the freshest chant on this here mimir (see the Latest Chant page for more)

Something Borrowed

Being a selection of links to other sites that you may find inspirational

DriveThru RPG: Find canonical Planescape books

Sigil City of Doors: An interactive map of the Cage

Planescape Torment: Dramatised podcast of the classic game

Something True

Random inner your Xaositect to content satisfy

Being an Overview of the Ushers of the Underworld
Being the Power of Knowledge, and the Keeper of the True Names
Lake Gwyll
Being a Celtic Burg of Two Halves
Silver Lands
Being the Realm of Ruornil, Power of Magic and Moonlight
Being a Shimmering Jewel of the SiIver Sea and Realm of Trishina, Power of Dolphins
Smoke Powder
Being a Volatile Confluence where the Elements of Ash, Dust, and Fire Swirl
Being the Solitary, Hermit Power who is the King of the Ordning
Being the Power of Childbirth of both Greek and Egyptian Pantheons
Onsen of Extremism Absolution
Being a Serene Spring of Perfect Balance and Harmonious Thoughts