Character: Law is only the first step. We must also hold true to the tenants of good. A city exists that perverts law, making it a painful, forceful thing, rather than a communal brotherhood. We are the champions of our peoples, and swear, to ourselves and each other, to free this city from oppression.

Ruler: The Council of Good is the official ruler of the burg of Mountainhold, made up of the most capable heroes of the city. General election brings them to office, but there is little competition for the post. Being primarily lawful in nature, the town has come to accept the same council for the last three elections.

The Council is made up of three seats, which discuss the best way for the town to accomplish its goals. The current Council members are Leondor (planar leonal guardinal [he/him / NG), the founder of Mountainhold, Desoum (planar throne archon [he/him] / Guardians / LG), a fallen archon who has taken to the battle for good in a less traditional way, and Infris Elemont (planar human paladin [she/her] / Guardians / LG), a militant foe of evil, especially lawful evil.

Behind the Throne: Mountainhold is not as formal as one would think, so there are a number of other personalities in the burg noteworthy for their clout and respectability. The foremost among these is “Chitter,” (planar formian [she/her] / LN[G]) a nickname given to the Myrmarch formian in charge of all other formians in the city, as well as the head of the city’s military. Chitter’s real name is far too difficult to pronounce to be converted to text, or even spoken by most humanoids. Since the formians are responsible for nearly all architectural work and repair in the city, and since she is an expert in strategy and tactics, Chitter’s opinion carries a great deal of significance.

Another notable figure is Alexandre Bernard (prime half-elf thief [he/him] / CG), a swashbuckling rogue. When Mountainhold first began its project to bring an end to Khulrewxes’ rule, they had no idea how to do it. It was the not-so-lawful ideas of Alexandre, who had retired from a lengthy career of adventuring on both the Prime and the Great Ring, which got them going. The council respects him and his skill, though they are often at odds with his unlawful tactics.

Description: Mountainhold is an Outer Planar example of the Inner Planar concept of parallelism. When one thing happens, so does its exact opposite. When Eye of the Mountain was first founded, many warriors of good were appalled by the development. Disgusted by the brainwashing and impartial tyranny, Leondor (said to be the phonetic spelling of another language’s words for “Lion of gold”), a wandering leonal, decided that his quest would be to free the citizens from their oppressive reign. He travelled to Arcadia, where he consulted with various formian queens. Eventually, he found an ally, a queen with stronger sensibilities toward good, and with that got a work force. With six hundred workers, seventy warriors, and sixteen myrmarchs—led by Chitter—he travelled to the mountains near Eye of the Mountain and built a new community. Subtle messages were sent along the Guardian razorvine and through the ranks of good all across the Upper Planes. Now, three decades later, not only has Khulrewxes begun to feel just how irritating a city of freedom fighters can be, but the town is becoming its own community. Early romances have sprung into full-fledged families, and the city is nearly self-sufficient.

Architecturally, the city is incredible. The area above ground is only about 10 acres square, made up mostly of fields. Most of the burg underground, where the incredible building proficiency of the formians is evident. Huge halls are filled with flowing buildings and vast subterranean fields. Winding staircases and slanted ladders are freely applied. All is carved directly from the rock itself.

Militia: The city itself is full to the brim with champions of good, which is a powerful defence indeed. The official militia, however, is made up of the formian warriors and myrmarchs (now much more populous than they were originally), warriors and soldiers who signed on to protect the town, and the warrior casts of the various planeborne races who live in Mountainhold, including agathinon aasimon, hound archons, shiere eladrin, and lupinal guardinals. Though many are far more powerful than she is, Chitter usually leads the armed forces of the city.

Services: Mountainhold is not a great city for tourism, and has few services aimed at outsiders. What it does have, however, is an abundance of eager heroes. To those who know of its existence all, it is known as an easy source of reliable and noble mercenaries. Many paladins from Excelsior look for their hirelings in Mountainhold, knowing they will meet their stringent character requirements. Another service available to outsiders is a variety of “noble” rogues. Though usually more on the neutral or chaotic side, there are a variety of saboteurs, spies, and rabble-rousers. As with most hirelings, however, there is a requirement: the missions these rogues are hired for must be for the greater good, and obviously so.

Local News: Chant is that Mountainhold has finally begun to seriously damage Khulrewxes’ reign. Eye of the Mountain depends on being an easy way through the mountains, so many caravans felt they could afford the taxes. Now, Mountainhold scouts have rid the area of most banditry, making other passes nearly as safe and, costing nothing, much cheaper. Since jink turns the Great Ring, most merchants choose cheap over safe. On a more personal note, it seems a doppleganger devoted to good (rare enough, but they do exist) infiltrated Khulrewxes’ private vaults and made away with two or three tomes which lay open for study. Their content has the Council worried, as they are said to contain some knowledge that will make Khulrewxes even more powerful than before. Darker chant hints at some kind of beholder lichdom or Prolonger vampirism.

Adventure Hooks

  • Undermining the Tyrant: The adventurers are recruited to assist in a daring plan to weaken Khulrewxes’ rule in Eye of the Mountain. This mission will require stealth, strategy, and perhaps an uneasy alliance with Alexandre Bernard and his band of noble rogues.
  • Defending the Vale: As Mountainhold’s actions begin to draw the ire of powerful enemies, the adventurers are called upon to fortify the city’s defences. This task involves not only physical preparations but also diplomatic efforts to unite the diverse inhabitants against a common threat.

Source: Belarius

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