The Pinnacle

Realm of Dunatis

Location: Outlands / Tir na Og

Ah, now the Pinnacle, the realm of Dunatis, the god of mountains. Now that’s a tale worth tellin’. Dunatis, he’s a real hermit of a god, as solitary as the peaks he reigns over, and he dwells in a realm that’s as harsh and unforgiving as it is awe-inspiring.

Imagine a mountain so high it seems to scorn the very sky, its peak piercing the sky, reaching all the way into the Astral plane. The Pinnacle is no ordinary mountain; it’s the epitome of solitude and endurance. The slopes are in places near vertical, sheer cliffs of jagged rock and ice, as if the mountain itself defies anyone to conquer it. 

At the very top, shrouded in clouds and mystery, lies Dunatis’ tower. It’s not a grand castle or a lavish palace, but a stark, solitary tower made of stones older than time itself. The tower is as rugged and enduring as Dunatis, standing unyielding against the howling winds and freezing temperatures. It’s said to be reachable only by those who have the favour of the mountain god or those who embody the spirit of the mountains themselves.

The environment of the Pinnacle is surreal. The air up there is thin, and the silence is so profound it’s like a presence in itself. The sky around the peak is alive with cosmic wonders. They say you can peer right into the Astral from here, with githyanki fortresses and the corpses of dead gods looking like weird stars. In between these glimpses, astral auroras weave magical patterns all the colours of the colour pools.

The way to the tower is fraught with trials, both physical and spiritual. Paths vanish and reappear, ledges crumble at a touch, and sudden storms of snow and ice challenge the resolve of any who dare the ascent. These trials are Dunatis’ way of testing the mettle of those who seek him, ensuring only the worthy reach his sanctum.

At night, the Pinnacle transforms. The snow and ice glow with an eerie light, casting an otherworldly radiance over the landscape. Shadows play tricks on the eyes, and the wind carries dreams blown in from the Astral. If you’re lucky you might be able to spot the River of Souls as it winds its way through the Astral.

The Weather Witches

The Weather Witches

Strange creatures dwell in the heights; the Weather Witches of the Pinnacle, a curious and formidable lot, they are. Living in the shadow of Dunatis’ realm, their craft is as unique as the god they reside near. The witches of the Pinnacle aren’t your typical cauldron-stirring crones. They’re as much a part of the mountain as the rocks and the ice. Their magic is born from the very essence of the Pinnacle, infused with the solitary spirit of Dunatis himself. Being so close to the god of mountains, their sorcery is heavily influenced by the elements of earth and sky, and they possess an unparalleled understanding of stone, wind, and frost.

Their spells and rituals are deeply connected to the mountain. They harness the energy of the jagged peaks and the howling winds, drawing on the ancient power that pulses through the stone. The witches can command the elements, summoning blizzards or causing the very rocks to shift and move. Their magic is slow but as inexorable as the march of the seasons, powerful and often subtle, like the slow carving of canyons by wind and water.

Living in such a harsh, isolated environment, these witches have become as rugged and unyielding as the Pinnacle itself. They’ve adapted to the extreme conditions, their bodies and spirits tempered by the cold and the altitude, their senses honed to perceive the subtlest shifts in the wind and the earth.

The proximity to Dunatis gives their magic a unique quality. It’s said that they can commune with the mountain god, gaining insights and wisdom from the ancient spirit. This connection allows them to tap into deep, old magic, the kind that predates the gods of the pantheons and harks back to the formation of the worlds.

Their rituals often involve the stones of the Pinnacle, using them as conduits for their power. These stones are not just rocks; they are fragments of Dunatis’ essence, imbued with the energy of the mountain. The witches use them to focus their magic, to commune with the spirits of the earth, and to seek the blessings of Dunatis. It’s obvious from their name that the Weather Witches control the climate of Tir na Og, ensuring the sweet summers of the Banog and the cycle of seasons in the rest of the realm—out of step with the rest of the Outlands. But the chant is persistent that these being are up to something far greater than that, perhaps even using their slow magic of the land to extend Tir na Og, shore it up against attacks from the Firbolg, and even to carve out an entirely new plane, just for the Celtic powers. Whatever it is, they’ve got time and patience on their side.

Canonical Source: On Hallowed Ground [2e] p70

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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