Hidden Wood, the 
Hidden Wood, the 

Hidden Wood, the 

The Hidden Wood

Realm of Obad-Hai

Location: Outlands / Ringlands

The Hidden Wood is a place that’s as changeable as the moods of a Xaositect. It’s the realm of Obad-Hai, the Flan power of nature, and it’s a real tricky place to pin down in the Outlands. You might hear some cutters say they’ve seen it near Fortitude or Faunel, but the truth is, it’s a place you find when you’re not looking for it. Get lost in the woods, and you might just stumble into it.

Now, Obad-Hai’s patch, it’s a wild mix-up of nature in all its guises. On one step, you’re walking through thick woods, and on the next, you’re in an open glade or strolling through rolling fields. And the seasons, they’re all jumbled up together. One moment you’re trudging through snowfields, and the next, you’re in a forest ablaze with autumn colors, then orchards heavy with fruit, and fields fresh from the plow. It’s a bit of a head-spinner, but it all balances in the eld, just how Obad-Hai likes it.

The critters and greenery in the Hidden Wood, they’re a mixed bag. You’ve got your axiomatic and anarchic types, alongside a fair swathe of creatures from the Material Plane. But don’t go thinking they’re the friendly sort. Most are as hostile as a fiend with a sore head, a sentiment Obad-Hai’s all too happy to encourage. He like his wilderness wild.

Now Old Obad-Hai, he’s happy to share a touch of his magic in this realm. Druid spells get a boost, extending further or packing more punch, especially those aimed at animals and plants. And added to that, he’s got the power to fiddle with the realm’s traits whenever he fancies. Expect the unexpected when you’re casting spells on Obad-Hai’s watch.

The petitioners serving Obad-Hai, they look human enough, but they’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves. They all have the ability to chat with animals and plants as easy as you’d talk to your friends. You’ll find them tending gardens, hunting, or throwing together grand feasts. It’s a busy place, with everyone as connected to nature as the Shalm himself.

But it ain’t all green and pleasant. Obad-Hai’s in a bit of a rough patch with Ehlonna, the Forest Goddess from the Beastlands. They don’t see eye to eye, him with his belief in nature as a harsh judge and her leaning towards its peaceful side. It’s like a clash of two wild philosophies, each with its own dark and light.

Canonical Source: Manual of the Planes [3e] p149 (description of realm)

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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