Court of Light
Court of Light

Court of Light

The Court of Light

Realm of Shekinester

Location: Outlands / Ringlands

Shekinester, the Three-Faced Queen of the Nagas, rules this strange domain. Her three personas are as varied as her realms: the Weaver, the Empowerer, the Preserver. A body never knows which face she’ll show. Her petitioners, nagas of all stripes and all ethical outlooks, reflect this diversity—some are benign, while others… well, let’s just say you don’t want to cross ’em. Shekinester is mother to ‘em all.

The Loom of the Weaver

Imagine a forest so dense and wild that it makes the Hive in Sigil seem like a well-kept garden. This is the Loom of the Weaver, a twisted mass of thorns and paths where the shadows play tricks on your eyes and the clearings are as rare as a tanar’ri telling the truth. It’s the outermost third of Shekinester’s realm. The paths here, they bend and weave like a drunken satyr. The naga petitioners, they’re as much a part of this place as the thorns themselves, some lurking, some guarding, all a part of Shekinester’s grand test. Those who navigate the Loom successfully might find their minds twisted in new ways, seeing the multiverse through eyes anew. 

The Hall of Tests

Now, if a berk’s got the stones to make it through the Loom, they’ll find themselves at the Hall of Tests, Shekinester’s palace proper. This is where the real fun begins. The Hall is a place of trials, each one a riddle wrapped in a contradiction. It’s said that these tests can break a body or make ’em, depending on the cut of their jib. It’s a place that’ll have you questioning your very eyes. The rooms, they shift and change, reflecting the deepest fears and desires of those who dare to tread within. It’s a place where reality gets as twisted as a Xaositect’s excuses. One moment, you’re facing your darkest regret, the next, you’re lost in a vision of what could have been. Chant goes a cutter must pass three tests, or solve three riddles, or confront three of their inner demons.

The Court of Light and the Arching Flame

At the heart of it all, in the innermost sanctum of Shekinester’s realm, lies the Court of Light, crowned by the Arching Flame. This ain’t just any flame, berk; it’s the light of preservation, the light of the dead, they say. It’s a spirit-cleansing flame that tests the very essence of a sod’s soul, burning away the dross to leave only the purest essence of a soul. Survive its light, and you’re cleansed, body and spirit. But fail, and it’s oblivion for you. They say it’s this very flame that keeps the wheels of the planes turning. No one, not even Shekinester herself, can quench the Arching Flame.

In the Court of Light, the Naga Queen’s tests are as varied as the planes themselves. She’s not interested in how sharp your blade is or how many spells you’ve got tucked up your sleeve. Nah, she’s after the stuff that really makes a cutter: courage, morality, the whole caboodle. She’ll throw everything at you, from hell hounds to long-lost loves, each a test of your very being.

Don’t expect a warm welcome here. The Court of Light is as lonely as it is eerie. Shekinester doesn’t keep a court in the traditional sense. The nagas you’ll find here are high and mighty, too wrapped up in their own machinations to give a fig about your plight. The petitioners, they’re few and far between, each on their own quest for transcendence or stuck in eternal trials.

Make it through all this, and the rewards are beyond imagining. The light of the Arching Flame doesn’t just cleanse your wounds. It purifies your soul, cures your madness, breaks your chains, and even atones for your sins. But remember, surviving it is a trial all its own.

Politics of the Court of Light

In the Court of Light the presence of proxies of all alignments, good and ill, creates a complex political landscape. The varied alignments of the proxies ensure a balance of power. No single alignment dominates, creating a dynamic environment where alliances and conflicts are constantly erupting, evolving, and (mostly) being resolved. Individual proxies tend to align themselves with the aspect of Shekinester that most closely matches their own ethical outlook and goals. This leads to factions within the Court of Light, each vying for influence and favour. The Three-Faced Queen relishes this tension, as it creates the perfect environment for the constant tests and trials she likes to throw at her faithful; even for the proxies the Court of Light functions as a continuous testing ground, where Shekinester requires her priestesses to prove their worthiness. Proxies may be involved in setting up or undergoing tests, or outsiders or one another, either as part of their devotion or as a means to gain favour.

Proxies of the different factions generally respect each other’s strengths and roles while competing for influence. They may not see eye to eye on the details, but they recognise that they all follow the same power at the end of the day, be she a complex one. They also recognise that each of the sisters bring different strengths—the lawful and good nagas seek to strengthen the priesthood and benefit all, while the chaotic and evil nagas seek to get ahead in any way they can. The neutral nagas are the glue that hold these opposing sides together; ensuring the sisters share of any advantages the more selfish nagas may gain. The competition between the factions can be both overt and subtle, involving complex schemes or direct confrontations, but never resorts to out-and-out violence. At the same time, the nagas try to present a united, if diverse, face to the outside world. 

The political games that the proxies can play range from attempting to control to influence the nature of trials within the Court of Light, attempting to gain influence with one of Shekinester’s aspects, or what can seem as unpredictable behaviour of the Court of Light to the outside world. Fortunately, since the realm is relatively secluded from nearby Outlands settlements, the impact of the Court’s political machinations rarely affects nearby realms or burgs too greatly. 

Adventure Hook

A group of berks are drawn to the Court of Light, each seeking something different. Maybe it’s redemption, maybe it’s power, or maybe it’s just the thrill of surviving the Naga Queen’s tests. But as you delve deeper into Shekinester’s realm, you realise that the real challenge ain’t just surviving the tests; it’s facing what you find within yourselves. Each test is a mirror, reflecting the parts of your soul you’d rather keep hidden. Will you emerge cleansed and enlightened, or will the Court of Light be your final resting place? Venture there if you dare, but remember, in the realm of Shekinester, the journey inward is the deadliest path of all.

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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