Piorun, the Thunder. N intermediate power of thunder and war [He/Him]

Pantheon: Slavic (leader)

Symbol: Thunderbolt

Realms: Quasi-Elemental Lightning / Storm Castle; Outlands / Mountain of Thunder

Known Proxies: None

Perun, the Slavic god of thunder? A real stormbringer, that one. He’s been around the block a time or two, and it seems he’s been getting more of the spotlight lately, what with Rod of the Slavs takin’ a bit of a back seat recently. Perun’s presence is felt in the rattle of stones, the bellow of the bull, and the bleat of the he-goat – all sounds of thunder, that is. Now, old Perun’s a bit of a hothead, let’s make no bones about it. When he’s got his dander up, he’s as fearsome as a phalanx of fiends. But, give him his due, placate him a bit, and he’s tolerable enough. Don’t go thinkin’ he’s evil, though. Nah, he’s just got a temper on him, like a firecracker waitin’ for a spark.

Picture this: Perun’s got that vibe of Zeus or Thor, but don’t go thinkin’ he’s just a copycat. He’s his own sort of thunder-wrangler. It’s true, he doesn’t quite get the kudos that those better-known high-ups do, but don’t let that fool yer—he’s a force to be reckoned with, and the Slavic pantheon is just getting started. Perun ain’t just the god of storms and war, mind—he also claims rain, laws and fertility as his remit. Perun ain’t just about the boom and the flash. He’s a power who’s invoked when treaties are signed, to make sure they’re upheld—count on old Perun to give a bad turn to those who break their word.

Like Zeus, Perun is also the leader of his pantheon. The Slavic pantheon is a relative newcomer to the planes though, and Perun’s got his work cut out to bring the bickering powers together into a more coherent group. Right now they’re scattered across the Inner Planes and there are all sorts of awkward overlaps in their portfolios. Sound like trouble stored up for the future to you, cutter? I thought so.

In the Outlands, his kip, the Mountain of Thunder, sits near Moradin’s Anvil, a place as warlike as the god himself. It’s bristlin’ with armies of petitioners, loyal to the core and ready to rumble at a moment’s notice. They guard his realm like it’s the last pint in the pub.

Like all of the Slavic powers, Perun also has an elemental realm, Storm Castle. It’s somethin’ else, I tell ya. Imagine a colossal thundercloud, churnin’ and roilin’, with a castle of black stone perched on top like a crown. It’s like somethin’ out of a dark fairy tale, all ominous and broodin’. That’s where Perun holds court, in the heart of the tempest, lord of the thunder and lightning. A right dramatic setup for a god who’s as moody as the weather he commands.

Source: Alex Roberts, Jon Winter-Holt

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  1. George

    >The Slavic pantheon is a relative newcomer to the planes though, and Perun’s got his work cut out to bring the bickering powers together into a more coherent group.

    I like how this trivia bit reflects the fact that attempts at unifying Slavic began pretty late and were very brief. Although, as a Slav and a huge mythology nerd, I would add some more traits like wielding a battle axe (and as a symbol) and lightning arrows and some connection to an oak/Yggdrasil (and also apocalyptic powers plus the connection to Elijah the Prophet, but it is a big can of wurms I can talk about for too long)

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