The Merchant King, the Short Father, the Laughing Dwarf. N intermediate power of wealth, luck and rogues

Pantheon: Dwarvish Mordinsamman

Symbol: A gold piece

Realm: Outlands / Ringlands / The Dwarven Mountain / Strongale Hall

Known Proxies: Lzuli Clearfacet (einheriar proxy [he/him] / N); Alia Horfinch (dwarf proxy [she/her] / N);  Elten Strongfingers (dwarf fighter proxy [he/him] / N)

Step right up, you seeker of fortune and fun, for I’ve got the chant on Vergadain, the Laughing Dwarf, the deity who’s got a hand in every coinpurse and a finger on the pulse of every deal. Vergadain is a twinkling gem of a god in the crown of the dwarvish pantheon, ever with a sparkle in his eye and a jest on his lips. He embodies the good side of that dwarvish itch for acquisition. He believes that wealth ain’t just for hoarding, but for spreading around, and making sure it don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Hoarding jink? No cutter, that’s dragon’s work, that is!

—Alia Horfinch, proxy of Vergadain

Now, Vergadain’s realm, Strongale Hall, nestled snug in the Dwarven Mountain, is a place where the ale flows as freely as the coins, and the games of chance never cease. It’s a hall where a cutter can bet his last stinger on the toss of a die or the turn of a card, and maybe, just maybe, walk away with a king’s ransom. And not just coin; Vergadain’s tables will let you bet intangible qualities like bravery, or your next piece of good luck, or even your good name. But watch yourself, cheaters find no favour in Vergadain’s eyes; play fair, or you might just find yourself wandering the lower halls forever, lost and lamenting.

But don’t come here expecting to bump into the Short Father. Vergadain’s not one to sit idly by in his hall, oh no. He’s a wanderer, a roamer of the spheres and worlds beyond, always with an eye out for the next big score or the next grand bargain. He’s got a heart for adventure, and delights in the art of the deal for its own sake, whether it’s striking a hard bargain or outwitting a would-be trickster.

His followers, they’re a mixed bag of merchants, rogues, and adventurers They’re peelers with a purpose, tricksters with a twinkle in their eye, practicing their craft not out of malice, but out of a love for the game and a desire to keep things interesting.

Vergadain’s proxies are a trio of characters as intriguing as the Laughing Dwarf himself. Lzuli Clearfacet, with a gaze sharp enough to cut through any deceit; Alia Horfinch, the iron-willed guardian of the treasury, counting every coin like a miser counts their blessings; and Elten Strongfingers, the silent sentinel guiding dwarf traders through peril to profit.

So if you find yourself drawn to the clatter of dice, the clink of coins, or the thrill of a deal well struck, make your way to Strongale Hall. Just remember, in Vergadain’s realm, fortune favors the bold, the clever, and the fair. Play your cards right, and you might just earn the favour of the Laughing Dwarf himself. But always, always play fair, for Vergadain’s laughter echoes longest for those who find joy in the game, not just the winnings, and you don’t want to find out what his ire looks like.

Canonical Source:

  • Planescape Campaign Setting: Sigil & Beyond [2e] p36-39, a much more detailed entry on the realm here, well worth checking out. 
  • On Hallowed Ground [2e] p82, entry for the power


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