The Merchant, N lesser power of trade, negotiation, ventures, appraisal, reciprocity (He/Him)

Pantheon: Oerdian

Symbol: A set of scales and weights

Realm: Outlands, Bytopia, Gehenna, Baator, Arborea, Prime, Inner Planes (Wandering) / the Cafila

Known Proxies: None

Mouqol (pronounced moh-KOHL), the Baklunish power of trade, negotiation, ventures, appraisal, and reciprocity boasts a list of domains of influence almost as impressive as the inventory in his travelling marker realm. As a merchant, or The Merchant as his followers dub him, Mouqol is a figure of true neutrality—he will cut a deal with anyone, so long as there’s a profit to be made. He refused to take a side in the wars of Darkness and Light in Old Baklun, and he’ll sell provisions, magic and weapons to celestial and fiend alike. This stance, coupled with his unrivalled negotiation skills, allows him access to realms and markets that few others can navigate. His ability to discern the true desires of his clients and procure items from the most exotic sources makes him a formidable power in the economy of the planes.

His philosophy is grounded in the principles of balance, reciprocity, and the intrinsic value of negotiation. He teaches that reward comes from risk, but cautions against foolhardiness, advocating for moderation in all ventures. He emphasises the importance of understanding both the worth and the cost of goods, warning his followers against the pitfalls of greed. For Mouqol, life itself is an exchange, a series of negotiations and trades that define existence.

Reward is not gained without risk. The perfect bargain satisfies both necessity and desire. The wise know the worth of a thing as well as its cost. Greed makes the wealthiest into debtors. All life is a matter of exchange.

—Creed of the Mouqolans

Clerics and followers of Mouqol lead lives deeply entrenched in the arts of negotiation and trade. They are skilled in detecting deception, preventing fraud, and appraising the true value of goods. Many travel extensively, often with merchant caravans, spreading Mouqol’s teachings and ensuring fair trade across the planes. Because of this they’re also experienced planewalkers, knowledgeable about planar pathways, portals, and the secret routes between places of commerce. His clerics, are not just found among the Baklunish humans but also among the jann and merfolk, aasimar and tieflings, and githzerai and bariaur alike.

His realm, the Cafila, is more a travelling group of merchants with a shared philosophy than a physical place. Guide by Mouqol, and market forces—although perhaps these are one and the same —the Cafila winds its way across the multiverse connecting with the realms if other mercantile powers and renowned trading burgs on any plane where there’s a deal to be made.


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