Skoraeus Stonebones
Skoraeus Stonebones

Skoraeus Stonebones

Skoraeus Stonebones

The King of the Rock, The Living Rock, Old Stonebones. N intermediate power of stone giants, earth, arts [He/Him]

Pantheon: Ordning

Symbol: Stalactite

Realm: Wanders (Ysgard / Jotunhein, Outlands)

Skoraeus Stonebones, the King of the Rock, stands tall even among giants, with skin tough as granite and veins like cords of iron snaking down his muscled forearms. He’s a stone giant of immense size at least a whopping 30 feet in height. His form is depicted in stone giant art as either a pair of hands wielding a chisel and a hammer, or as a grand statue, dwarfing all other stone giants. He’s a god not just of brute strength, but of crafts and artistic creation, a real master of the earth’s hidden treasures.

Skoraeus is a bit of an introvert, preferring the company of his favored breed, the stone giants, over others. Unlike his more boisterous and good-humored brother Stronmaus, Skoraeus takes a more serious view of things, dedicating himself tirelessly to his tasks. He wanders the underground realms of the multiverse, seeking out wondrous beauties and ancient secrets buried far from the prying eyes of other races.

Skoraeus is the youngest of the second generation of Annam’s sons, turned away from the wider world due to the evil natures of his brothers Thrym and Surtr. He chose to dwell in solitude beneath the earth, focusing on the stone giant breed. His knowledge of magic, wards, hidden treasures, and the secrets of the earth is vast, making him one of the wisest in the giant pantheon.

Skoraeus has a complex relationship with other deities. He’s allied with earth-related gods like Dunatis, Dumathoin and Grumbar but has little time for the antics of gods like Nebelun and Urdlen, whose actions he finds distasteful. His knowledge is sought after by gods such as Ilsensine, but Skoraeus keeps his secrets close.

Skoraeus doesn’t confine himself to a single realm. Instead, he roams the vast, ever-changing underground landscapes, from the roots of Jotunheim’s mountains to the caves lurking within. He’s been seen on Mount Olympus, Pandemonium and especially the Outlands, where he seems to have a real fascination with the Spire. His followers, primarily stone giants, see him as the Great Creator, second only to Annam in skill. But it’s not just the giants who revere him; the dwarf and gnome pantheons also hold Skoraeus in high regard, though his patience for their humour and jests wears thin.

For adventurous souls wandering the Outlands, encountering Skoraeus Stonebones could be a rare and insightful experience. While he generally keeps to himself, focusing on his own kind, an adventurer who shares his respect for the earth and its hidden wonders might just catch his eye. Skoraeus isn’t one for direct intervention; he prefers subtlety, communicating through natural omens such as the coloration of rocks or the patterns of stalactites. Skoraeus’s presence is like a whisper in the dark, a subtle but powerful force guiding those who respect the earth and its secrets. His avatars, though rarely dispatched, might intervene to protect his followers or lead them to new homes or hidden treasures. But these are legends among the stone giants, tales of a god who prefers to guide rather than confront. If you’re traversing the Outlands, particularly its underground tunnels and caverns, remember that this power’s influence is subtle but profound, rooted in the secrets of the earth and the beauty of creation. Keep your eyes and mind open, and you might just find yourself under the watchful gaze of the Living Rock.


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