Mag Turideah
Mag Turideah

Mag Turideah

Mag Turideah

Location: Outlands / Tir na Og

Mag Tuireadh, the Plain of Pillars, in the realm of Nuada, is a place of stark beauty and ancient power, where the majesty of the Celts is on full display. This surreal and otherworldly realm is a vast, flat expanse that stretches as far as the eye can see, a landscape both eerie and awe-inspiring. The plain is dotted with countless standing stones, or menhirs, towering high into the sky. These stones are steeped in magic and legend. Carved with intricate symbols and runes, they hum with an ancient power, marking battles long past and heroes forgotten.

In fact, the menhirs of Mag Tuireadh are said to be more than stone. Legend holds that they are the guardians of the realm, each containing the spirit of a warrior from Nuada’s past battles. During times of peace, they stand as silent sentinels, but when Tir na Og is threatened, they animate, transforming into colossal stone giants. These guardians can move across the plain with surprising speed, their steps causing the very earth to tremble.

At the centre of this vast plain is Nuada’s hall, a grand structure built from silver and stone, reflecting his epithet of the “Silver Hand.” The hall is both a fortress and a palace, adorned with banners and trophies from countless battles. Inside, the hall is vast and filled with the spoils of war, a reminder of Nuada’s prowess as a warrior and a leader.

But Mag Tuireadh isn’t just a place of war; it’s a realm where the balance between peace and battle is keenly felt. The skies above the plain often mirror this balance. Sometimes it blazes with the colours of auroras, other times it is dark with storm clouds that crackle with magical energy, only to be dispersed by brilliant rays of sunlight. 

The atmosphere in Mag Tuireadh is one of solemnity and respect. Warriors and heroes from across the planes journey here to pay homage to Nuada, to learn from his wisdom as a great leader of gods and folk, and to seek his blessing in battle. The realm is also a place of reflection, where one can contemplate the nature of war and peace, strength and leadership.

The magic of the realm is closely tied to the land and to Nuada’s own spirit. It is said that the Plain of Pillars can grant visions of battles past and future, offering insights into strategy and tactics. The wind whistling through the stones carries messages and guidance for those who know how to listen.

The atmosphere in Mag Tuireadh is charged with a sense of anticipation, as if the realm itself is waiting for a significant event, a battle of cosmic importance. The air is alive with whispers of strategy and courage, and the very ground thrums with the power of ancient magic. In this realm, the line between past, present, and future is blurred. Warriors practicing on the plain might find themselves suddenly thrust into spectral reenactments of ancient battles, gaining wisdom and insight from these ghostly skirmishes. Mag Tuireadh, in its surreal and magical form, is a realm where the glories and horrors of war are not just remembered but relived.

Canonical Sources: On Hallowed Ground [2e] p74-75

Source: Jon Winter-Holt,

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