The Far Seeing. N lesser power of mountains, peaks (He/Him)

Pantheon: Celtic (Welsh)

Symbol: Red sun-capped mountain

Realm: Outlands / Tir na Og / The Pinnacle

Proxy: Essylt y’Marc’h (proxy half-elf ranger [she/her] / N)

Dunatis dwells on a colossal mountain on the fringes of Tir na Og, he’s got the whole mountain hermit act down pat. While he’s a Celtic power, he’s not particularly close with any of the factions in the pantheon, and frankly he prefers it that way. Not many cutters call on a god of mountains, save for those barmy enough to climb ’em, which makes Dunatis one of the more approachable deities in the Celtic pantheon. He’s even got the brass to claim he crafted the infinite Spire in the Outlands, and chant goes that some of the rilmani there tip their hats to him.

This power doesn’t put on airs; he tries his best to appear as a regular cutter, though you can’t miss the divine aura that’s stuck to him like shadows to a fiend. It’s said that Ducati’s can raise or flatten an entire mountain on a whim, and this really messes with and buildings on them. His realm, the Pinnacle, is a single great mountain, but don’t let that fool you. It’s as varied as the Outlands themselves, with slopes ranging from gentle hills to sheer cliffs that’d give a goat second thoughts. It’s teeming with trees and wild critters that don’t give a sod about mortals.

Now, Essylt y’Marc’h is the proxy you’d likely bump into at the Pinnacle. A half-elf with raven locks and green peepers, she’s got this feral look that can make her seem as friendly as a gorgon at a children’s party. But chant goes she’s trying to shake off that image. She’s the go-to guide for any berk brave or daft enough to venture into Dunatis’ mountainous realm—and mountain climbers are most welcome here.

Canonical Source:

  • On Hallowed Ground [2e] p70,172
  • Author’s note: I added Dunatis to the Welsh powers to make up numbers—I believe he’s actually a D&D fictional addition, however.

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