I am the Mimir


Bone & Sickle

My favourite folklore podcast by a mile. I’ve listened to the whole set a couple of times, and I’ve had so many ideas for the mimir because of it. Not only is the folklore rich, detailed and deliciously dark, it’s also delivered with a glorious deadpan humour and fabulous soundtrack and special effects. Love this.

DriveThru RPG — Planescape books

The best place to flesh out your library of 2e Planescape content. Everything is available as PDFs, and some are hard copy print on demand. Instant delivery, and 10x cheaper than buying some of them second hand on a certain forest-themes website.

Map of Sigil

An awesome resource — every canonical Sigil location marked on a map of the Cage. I’ve found it super useful for cross referencing everything for Brix’s Guide, and maybe one day I’ll get all the non-canon Mimir sites up on there too… a githzerai can dream…

Planescape Music & Ambient / hyper cardioide

I find it hard to believe something this good is free. I’m a real fan of background music for games and have spent a long time looking for music from bands that fits with particular planes. Then I stumbled across this youtube channel, what an amazing resource! So far there are soundscapes for every ward of Sigil, the gate towns and the planes of the Great Ring. Beautiful stuff.

Planescape: Torment

A singularly excellent RPG, and this is from someone who’d not much of a gamer. Available on pretty much all of the platforms. It might be ancient but it’s aged well and been re-released as an enhanced edition. It will absorb many many hours.

Planescape: Torment - The Unofficial Audio Series

Cutters, this podcast is seriously awesome. As a latecomer to Planescape Torment myself (yep, only about 20 years late to that party) I have loved re-living it in gloriously acted 15-20 minute chunks. Even if you’re not a Torment player (and maybe ESPECIALLY) if you’re not a Torment player, you should check this out. I’ve linked to the Goodpods site but it’s also available via the RevocerGM official site, Apple Podcasts, Acast, & Youtube.

The Creature Chronicle

An incredible helpful resource for someone like me who is trying to run Planescape in a gaming group that plays Pathfinder 1e (or make a website about it), especially as I’m more a fluff than a crunch kind of person. Thank Primus for the crunch people 🙂

Timaresh the Mirrored Library

A super-useful wiki containing the chant on a huge amount of Planescape lore.


  1. Calamity

    I was steered here by a friend who said he’d told you about a character I’d made some years ago that mirrors a lot from the Psychopomp section of your site. I am highly pleased to find a kindred mind who enjoys dabbling in the enigmatic nature of “what comes after..?” That unique nature of how death isn’t an end, but a new and adventurous beginning (or so I hope).

    I love the site so far, the passion and care you give it shows and I’ll be glad to refer to these pages often as I am currently running a “Ghostwalk” campaign utilizing the city of Manifest and the fact that death isn’t the end.

    Gorgeous art, wonderful writing. Thank you for making this wonderful website.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, it’s thinks like this that make the work worthwhile! Now Ghostwalk is something I know very little about – I considered adding the pantheon of powers to the Mimir but I’m not even sure where the world it set, to be honest. The Prime material? Ethereal?

      1. Terral

        Several months later but considering the nature of Ghostwalk it can be considered to be something that still takes place in that little border pocket between the Ethereal and the Prime and also I suppose with a hint of the Underlands? The characters of Ghostwalk still retain their memories, and walk around as, well, ghosts, which would indicate that they haven’t moved through the Astral and been separated from their crystal memory core.

        The way the setting comes across to me is somewhere between the Spectral Realm of the Legacy of Kain series and the ‘underworld’ of Beetlejuice where lingering souls stick around. In essence, it’s a place where you wind up if you either didn’t die right, or you were so stubborn as to cling to your mortal coil enough that you got stuck in the middle. That’s my personal take on it at the very least.

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