The Mad Arch-Mage. CN demigod of humour, eccentricity, occult lore, unpredictability (He/Him)

Pantheon: Oerth

Symbol: The rune of insanity, which is two parallel zig-zag shapes.

Realm: Outlands / Wandering

Zagyg, the god of Humour, Eccentricity, Occult Lore, and Unpredictability—now there’s a berk with a barmy tale. So, plant your bones for the chant about this madcap deity.

Zagyg’s a tricky one to pin down, see. He’s as changeable as the planes themselves. Sometimes you can find him decked out in dark blue and silver, other times he’s a short, heavyset human with a face as round and flushed as a ripe tomato. But he relishes magic to change his appearance and fool cutters. His symbol? The rune of insanity – two zig-zag lines that look like they’ve had a few too many at the Styx Oarsman.

This berk’s all about the laugh, the unexpected twist, the bit of whimsy that leaves you gobsmacked. He believes everyone deserves a good giggle, a surprise that keeps ’em guessing long after the joke’s been played. And let’s not forget his obsession with occult lore—the weirder and more arcane, the better. He’s a seeker, wielder and creator of truly wondrous items, even artefacts.

They say that Zagyg was once a mortal, name of Zagig Yragerne, a wizard and mayor of Greyhawk. But this ain’t no typical rags-to-riches yarn. Zagyg went from running a city to running circles around demigods! He nabbed nine of these high-and-mighties and stashed them under his castle. How’s that for a power move? Though they eventually got loose thanks to some meddling adventurers, it was enough to shoot Zagyg up to godhood.

And his antics as a deity? Just as barmy. He’s Boccob’s errand boy, but he does things in his own, unpredictable way. Picture him, a vorpal sword in one hand, a wand of wonder in the other, leaving a trail of baffled faces and cursed items that backfire on anyone but him.

Zagyg’s life is a litany of madcap adventures. There’s the time he set up the Company of Seven, a band of adventurers including the likes of Heward and Keoghtom. They delved into crypts, solved riddles, and came back with loot that’d make a dragon’s eyes pop. And his stint as Lord Mayor of Greyhawk? He turned the city upside down! Established laws, colleges, even had a hand in building the sewers. But for all his good deeds, there was always a touch of madness about him. Dragons at council meetings, plans for elemental walls… the berk had ideas as wild as a slaad’s dreams.

These days Zagyg wanders the Great Ring, and seems to particularly like the Outlands. Now, if you’re a body out in the ’Lands and Zagyg spots you and takes a shine to you, buckle up! He’s likely to whisk you away on a jaunt filled with riddles, illusions, and the odd curse that’ll have you scratching your head for days. But there’s always a method to his madness. He might just lead you to some forgotten trove of magical knowledge or help you pull off a prank that’ll have the whole plane talking.

Zagyg’s clerics are a rare breed, roaming the planes with a joke on their lips and a trick up their sleeve. They’re the life of the party, bringing laughter and confusion in equal measure. And like their patron, they’re always on the hunt for arcane secrets and hidden lore.

Zagyg’s influence extends far beyond the walls of Greyhawk. His unpredictable nature means you never know where or how he’ll show up. Could be as a fellow traveler on the road, a mysterious benefactor in a tavern, or even a rival wizard with a penchant for practical jokes. You probably won’t realise it was him until long after he’s gone. He’s a reminder that in the grand scheme of the multiverse, a bit of laughter and a dash of unpredictability can go a long way. Keep your wits about you, and who knows, you might just find yourself the star of Zagyg’s next grand jest.

Canonical Sources:

  • Dragon Magazine #338 [3e] p45 (background)
  • Dungeon Magazine #150 [3e] p120-121 (Zagig’s Godtrap)


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