The Harbour of the Otherworld, realm of Nehalennia

Location: Outlands / Tir na Og and Tir fo Thuinn

Colijnsplaat, nestled in the realm of the Gaulish goddess Nehalennia, is a harbour town unlike any other across the planes. It’s a bustling port where the mundane and the divine intermingle, where seafarers from across the multiverse come to seek the blessings of Nehalennia for safe voyages and bountiful catches.

The town is perched on the edge of a vast, sparkling sea that merges with the skies in a horizon that seems to dance and shift with the tides. The waters around the port shimmer with a soft, almost ethereal light, and appear like they’re stretching out to infinity. In fact, once outside the regions of Nehalennia’s realm, a sailor will find themselves on the lake of Tir fo Thuinn—if that’s where they want to go. If they had another destination in mind, then they can travel there instead. By the grace of Nehalennia, if the navigator is in good standing with the goddess of course, the sea here can connect to almost any body of water across the planes. The chant goes it’s via the mysterious planar pathway known as the Seventh Sea—normally a cutter has to be completely lost to find their way there but Nehalennia, she doesn’t follow the same rules as the rest of us. So, if you want to sail to Thalassia, or Aquallor, or the Silver Sea of Mount Celestia, or even the Great Astral Sea, you just need to make the right offering to Nehalennia and you’re on your way. They even say you can sail into Sigil’s Ditch, if you have the right portal key and know the right natural rock arch to sail under.

The port is also called the Harbour of the Otherworld. Ships that dock here are said to be blessed by the goddess herself, granting them safe passage through even the stormiest seas. The influence of Nehalennia imbues the town with a protective aura. Statues and shrines dedicated to her dot the landscape, often adorned with offerings from grateful sailors. Her presence is felt strongest at the water’s edge, where a grand temple stands as a testament to her power.

The architecture of the port itself is a curious blend of classic Gaulish design and otherworldly elements. Buildings with steep, thatched roofs and stone walls are adorned with intricate carvings of marine life and seafaring scenes. The docks are a marvel of craftsmanship, extending far into the sea, made from wood that never rots and ropes that never fray.

The air in Colijnsplaat is always filled with the salty tang of the sea, mingled with the scents of fresh fish and seaweed. The sound of waves lapping against the shore provides a constant soothing background, in contrast to the screech of the gulls wheeling overhead.

Locations in the Burg

The Wharf of Whispers: This is a quieter part of the harbour, eerie almost, where one can hear the whispers of the sea. It’s said that listening to the waves here can reveal truths about one’s destiny or secrets of the deep.

Festivals of the Sea: The town hosts vibrant festivals, celebrating the bounty of the sea and honoring Nehalennia. These festivals are a riot of color and music, with processions, feasting, and storytelling.

Marketplace of Eternities: The burg isn’t just all about the port though, cutter. Just outside the Harbour Quarter is the Marketplace of Eternities. This market is famous across the Tir na Og for its exotic goods. Traders from distant worlds and realms travel here to sell artefacts, spices, and treasures that cannot be found anywhere else in the realm. The market is a bustling hub of activity, with merchants bartering in a dozen languages and currencies.

Cutters to Meet

Colijnsplaat is a crossroads for adventurers, a place where tales are traded as frequently as goods. It’s not uncommon to encounter planewalkers, spelljammers, and even the occasional lost traveler from a forgotten time. Some cutters of the burg include:

Captain Ivar the Far-Travelled (planar human fighter [he/him] / Planewaker’s Guild / N). A seasoned sailor who has seen more of the multiverse than most can dream of. His tales of adventure are legendary in Colijnsplaat, and he’s often on the lookout to recruit daring souls for his next voyage.

Mistress Althea (planar half-elf cleric [she/her] / N]. A priestess of Nehalennia, known for her prophetic visions. She guides sailors and offers blessings for safe journeys. Her presence is calming, and her wisdom is sought by many.

Bartok the Mercurial (planar bariaur thief [he/him] / CollosisThe Fated / CN). A trader who deals in rare magics. His origins are as mysterious as his goods, and he always seems to have just what you didn’t know you needed, with prices you don’t really know how you’ll afford..

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