Long Valley
Long Valley

Long Valley

The Long Valley

Location: Outlands / Hinterlands

As one moves Spireward along the Vale of the Spine from Ribcage, the terrain grows more hospitable approaching the River Ma’at. Going the other way, a berk can walk forever and still be within a day’s march of Ribcage, unless he knows about the Long Valley. Beyond Ribcage, the Vale of the Spine emerges into a large canyon, with rocks in the walls that look blood-red.

A huge gateway, perhaps two hundred yards wide, stands at the Spireward end. The gates are locked, and none has ever passed them. No mortal magic seems to open them, and the chant is that it’s the back door of Nessus in Baator. In the outward direction, the canyon runs nearly straight more or less forever. Here and there a crack in the floor reveals lava flows beneath, ample to keep berks’ minds on other things. A well-worn road runs along the bottom of the canyon, crossing the lava on iron bridges. The road looks like it sees a lot of use, but no-one knows what actually uses it.

A good month’s walk from Ribcage, the Valley is crossed by the Crossroads Road, which winds down the half-mile canyon walls on a broad stone staircase. Working toward Automata, the pathway goes to Crossed Roads. Working the other way, it gets lost on the outward side of the Bleak Wasteland. After the junction with the Crossroads Road the canyon is joined on the right-hand side by the River Pyriphlegethon. Rumour has it that the Long Valley eventually reaches the planes of Fire and Magma, but this is what is known as an economy of the truth, i.e. very likely a lie.

Source: Alex and Margery Roberts

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