Caves of Ug-Thog
Caves of Ug-Thog

Caves of Ug-Thog

The Caves of Ug-Thog

Location:Outlands / Hinterlands

The Caves of Ug-Thog are in fact part of a far larger cave system rumoured to tunnel all across the Outlands, and to connect with the Caverns of Thought, Moradin’s Anvil and Gzemnid’s Realm, as well as the caves below Rigus. The wandering giant power Skoraeus Stonebones is said to roam these lonely passages.

On the surface here, there is a broad range of stony, uncultivated hills. The caves have many entrances here, and it is here that those petitioners who in life were cave-dwellers in primitive cultures come. Their lifestyle was one of true neutrality, and the landscape hereabouts amply supports it, with healthy supplies wild fruits, nuts and vegetables to forage, and mammoths, smilodons, wooly rhinos, buffalo and fhorges are common here. Odd clumps of pine tress grow on the higher hills, and small fresh streams run in the valleys. No-one has ever successfully traced any of these streams to its source or destination.

Travellers to the area are advised to come well-armed and with spells to communicate with the locals, whose culture, while sophisticated in some respects, does not yet entail the learning of such foreign tongues as common. It is said that some of the cave-paintings in the area are truly remarkable, and the Society of Sensation often sponsor expeditions to the area.

Source: Alex and Margery Roberts

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