Cycle, the Eternal

Location: Outlands / Hinterlands

Cycle, a city more elusive than a shade in the Shadowfell, is the stuff of bard’s songs and madman’s dreams. They say Cycle’s a place where the impossible’s just another market day. Walk its streets, and you might stroll right into the pages of history, rubbin’ shoulders with heroes and villains long turned to dust. Or you might catch a glimpse of a future so bright, it’d blind a Solar. Some say it’s where time bends like a pretzel, and the streets are peppered with gods in mortal guise.

But here’s the cutter’s share of it: Cycle ain’t just about time-trippin’. It’s said the city shifts with the thoughts and dreams of those who tread its streets. Think of a rose, and a garden blooms before your eyes. Fear a dragon, and you might just hear its wings in the distance.

And let’s not forget the gods in mortal garb, playin’ at life without their cosmic burdens. They say you can’t tell ’em apart from the rest, but watch for the one who laughs at the lightning, or weeps with the rain – there’s your deity.

But beware, berk. Cycle’s as fickle as a Xaositect’s promise. Step wrong, and you might find yourself in an era where your name’s long forgotten, or worse, in a world that never knew you.

Findin’ Cycle’s like tryin’ to catch smoke with your bare hands. One moment it’s there, the next it’s gone, like it’s playin’ a game of peek-a-boo with the multiverse. They say it’s the haunt of a pantheon that decided to take a long nap from the cosmic kerfuffle, and there’s even whispers of a temple to a god who’s supposed to be pushin’ up daisies but ain’t too keen on stayin’ buried.

If you’re dead-set on findin’ Cycle, your best bet’s to track down a Stranger and asking them, though that’s a quest in itself. And speaking of quests…

  • Temporal Tangle: There’s a rumour that Cycle’s portals can whisk you to any point in time. A faction in Sigil wants these portals mapped, but beware, time’s a tricky beast, and if you’re not careful you might end up with your grandparent as your sibling.
  • Divine Disguises: A group of deities walkin’ around as mortals? That’s a tale worth its weight in gold. A Sensate collector offers a hefty sum for an authentic account of these divine masquerades.
  • Undead Deity: The temple of the not-so-dead god is said to hold ancient secrets and forbidden knowledge. A cabal of scholars seeks brave souls to explore this temple and uncover its mysteries, but what lies within might be more than mere mortals can handle.

Source: James O’Rance, Jon Winter-Holt,

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