Alignak, Igaluk, The Moon Spirit. N(LG) Greater power of morality, the moon, comets, waves, eclipses, earthquakes [He/Him]

Pantheon: Inuit

Symbol:  The disc of the moon

Realm: Outlands / Hinterlands / Adlivun and Mount Celestia / Lunia / Quidlivun

Known Proxies: Angakok (planar human shaman [he/him] / N) who communes with Tarqeq through a Guardian Spirit, which can be of human shape or a special stone, but is most frequently a polar bear. Angakok’s main role is to bless hunting parties with good fortune. Irdlirvirisissong (planar tanar’ri bar-lgura [he/him] / CN) 

Tarqeq, also known as the Moon Spirit, is a fearsomly strict but benevolent power, warning his followers to act morally and with respect for others, or risk the consequences. Like all the Inuit powers, his first concern is to maintain the harmony of the multiverse, but he sees moral behaviour as integral to this. Tarqeq dwells in the sky over the Frozen Reaches, in an even higher-altitude realm that of the Air Spirit, called Quidlivun. When night comes to the Adlivun, Tarqeq’s moon-like realm can be seen glowing overhead, casting an eerie silver light over the ice floes.

Tarqeq is also the power of earthquakes (his anger), comets (his joy), and waves (that he set in motion as a constant reminder to follow the rules of morality).

The souls are purified in Adlivun, in preparation for the travel to Tarqeq’s Land of the Moon where they find eternal rest and peace. In Quidlivun, Tarqeq dwells in a spectacular igloo, from which he emerges each night to chase his sister Malina the Sun across the firmament. Tarqeq also packs in a lot of sky-hunting with his great snow sled. Meanwhile his demonic partner-cousin-proxy Irdlirvirisissong keeps the igloo tidy. Life in the sky igloo is pretty tedious, and every so often Irdlirvirisissong leaps down to the Hinterlands to dance and clown about. But you’re advised to turn a blind eye, as the slightest hint of amusement at his antics will result in your intestines being freeze-dried and removed for consumption.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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