The Bleaklands

Location: Outlands / Hinterlands

“Like Pluton but not quite as depressing” is how Zerozobbb the Scarred, a blood who knows all about wastes, described the Bleaklands. Whilst just as amoral and neutral as the rest of the ‘Land, the Wasteland is tainted by the fact that the fiends think of it as a dandy change of scene for fighting the Blood War.

Wrecks of infernal war engines lie scattered about, and every now and then a particularly popular battlefield will go slumping into Oinos. Anywhere from Torch around to Curst overlooks the Bleaklands, although its character varies as you work along. Near to Torch, the Wasteland is riddled with trenches and sinkholes, many of which lead to portals to the Gray Waste and Gehenna. Closer to Hopeless, the terrain becomes boggy and unstable, as Semuanya’s Bog drains this way. Strange slimy beasts roam around, howling in the night. As Curst is reached and passed, the land dries up, and becomes dusty and barren.

Source: Alex and Margery Roberts

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