The Orderly. LN demipower of surveillance and stern warnings (They/Them)

Pantheon: Inuit

Symbol: An eye

Realm: Outlands / Hinterlands / Adlivun

Known Proxies: None

Now here’s a weird power for sure. Appearing as a giant flying eyeball, Isitoq floats around keeping tabs on petitioners in Adlivun. They’re a stickler for rules, and are always on the look out for petitioners uttering blasphemous words about any power in the Inuit pantheon, or breaking any of the local customs ort laws, especially anything to do with hospitality. If they spot you doing anything wrong, you’re in for a stern warning.

Graybeards have pondered whether Isitoq might actually be related to the beholder Great Mother, and that’s possible. Its temperament is certainly as stern as a beholder. And goodness knows, she’s kicked out unwanted children before. Could be that this one took flight from her wrath and found shelter in the icy wastes? Or maybe its appearance is just one of those mysteries of the planes.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

The surreal Inuit power Isitoq

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