Huhueteotl / Xiuhtecuhtli

The Oldest of the Gods, Otontecuhtli, Huehueteotl, Xiuhtecuhtli

Huhueteotl aspect. CE intermediate power of fire, the motion of time, opposites, old age, space-time (He/Him)

Realm: Gehenna / Chamada / Hueiuhcalli and Pandemonium / Pandesmos / Xipetlan

Symbol: An image of himself

Xiuhtecuhtli aspect. N intermediate power of fire, the day, heat, volcanoes, the personification of life after death, warmth in the cold, light in the darkness and food during famine, opposites, (He/Him)

Realm: Outlands / Hinterlands / Hueiuhcalli

Symbol: Pine tree, pepper

Known Proxies: None

Huhueteotl is said to be the oldest of the Aztec powers, and amongst the most ancient beings in the Multiverse. He’s also one of the more complex powers, with at least two main aspects and no fewer than four realms spread across the Great Ring. In common with a number of ancient gods, he has in his portfolio some abstract concepts of space, as well as an elemental aspect. Xiuhtecuhtli also represents the sun and the hearth, two vital sources of fire for the Aztec peoples, while Huhueteotl represents old age. Together, both aspects represent the concept of opposites, which might explain his complexity.

Huhueteotl is characteristically depicted as an aged or even decrepit being, often with a beard and a lighted brazier on his head. He also represents the sun and the hearth, two vital sources of fire. To placate him, Aztecs cut out the hearts of human sacrifices and burned them on coal. As a result of this, the people would regain Huehueteotl’s favour through the god’s elements—fire and the blood from the frequent human sacrifices that the power demands.

Huhueteotl embodies the flow of time and the destructive side of fire. His symbol is an image of himself. Huhueteotl also appears a demonic creature, a humanoid with a fierce alligator-like head, dressed in armor made of red gems. Flames crackle around him, completely enshrouding his body.

This power has a second less fearsome aspect, called Xiuhtecuhtli, the Turquoise Lord. In this form he appears as a young male, the power of fire, day and heat. Xiuhtecuhtli is the lord of volcanoes, the personification of life after death, warmth in cold (fire), light in darkness and food during famine. Xiuhtecuhtli defends his worshippers in the times between the centuries (actually 52 years each) which is a time when the Aztec powers can bob humanity and go back on any deals they’ve made.

Source: Alex Roberts, Skypti and Jon Winter-Holt

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