Nuliajuk, Sanna, the Old Woman Who Lives in the Sea, the Mistress of the Sea. N greater power of the dead, the sea, ice, edible creatures (She/Her)

Pantheon: Inuit (Pantheon leader)

Symbol: None

Realm: Outlands / Hinterlands / Adlivun and Underlands / Adlivun

Known Proxies: Three leviathans

Also called the Sea Spirit or Nuliajuk, Sedna is said to be the leader of the Inuit pantheon, although she’s a curious one; she does not attempt to exert any authority over her companion powers, and in return, they don’t stir up trouble with her. Sedna is responsible for all the things that the Inuit eat, and she sends forth seals and other creatures from her realm in the deepest point of the ocean under the ice cap in the Hintersee.

She’s a frightful figure to behold, a sinister-looking hag with one eye, no fingers and a bloated body. She sometimes appears as a walrus—and looks better for it too. It’s a far cry from the good old days when she used to be a beautiful maiden. Chant goes that she was drowned by her father after she resisted a forced marriage. She was unhappy with the men he found for her, so instead she married a dog. Her father was so angry that he threw her into the frozen sea, and when she tried to climb back in the boat, he lopped off her fingers. Her fingers became the first seals, and Sedna, a mighty sea goddess. Understandably, she’s quite a vengeful power, and hunters must placate her and pray to her so that she’ll ensure there are animals for them to hunt.

The Queen of the Frozen Underworld dwells in a trench in the sea that is so deep that it pierces through to the Underlands, and it’s here in the dark that Sedna’s underwater ice palace-cum-shipwreck-graveyard can be found. While most petitioners in Adlivun are sent to wander the Frozen Wastes for a year to do their penance for sins they committed in life, the really wicked souls are frozen in ice and dragged down to Sedna’s graveyard.

Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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