Uçmag, the Freezing Steppes

Location: Outlands / Hinterlands

The Freezing Steppes, called Uçmag by the locals (pronounced: Utchmaq), start about five days’ walk out from soXa, and continue more or less forever. Myriad tribes of barbarian horsemen ride aimlessly here, pinching each other’s horses and killing the local yaks. In life, the petitioners were ancestor-worshippers. Now they are as dead as their ancestors, and roam the steppes as they wish, freed from their ancient responsibilities. It is said that each can only merge with the plane by obtaining more horses than anyone else, but this is not certain.

The same graybeards who say that the Hintersee leads to Elemental Water say that the steppes eventually come to Elemental Air, on account of the harsh cold wind that whips toward the Spire across the chilly plain. This is probably untrue, and as the locals huddle around horse-dung fires in their yurts, they couldn’t give a yugoloth.

Foremost amongst these bloods is Mogwai Khan (half-orc petitioner 23rd-level fighter [he/him] / Fated / N), possibly the most powerful petitioner in the known multiverse. Quite how he got so mighty is not clear, but his tribe’s ideals involve striving for physical improvement, and he has never lost the urge to try harder.

Source: Alex and Margery Roberts

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