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The Outlands

The Hinterlands

Being a Brief Foray into the Outer Outer Planes

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Hinterlands ExplorerIt's a Mighty Big Area to Know Nothing About

It's a sad fact cutters, despite the number of bloods there are on the planes, that nobody really knows what lies in the Hinterlands. Could it be that the Great Mysteries of the Planes make their kips there, of all places? Ironic if that were true, since the Hinterlands start only a few steps outside of the Gate Towns which are so heavily travelled.

It's been said that the Hinterlands (or the Outer Outlands as many a wag's called 'em) are simply outside of mortal ken, perhaps due to their very nature, or perhaps by design. They've been called the Birthplace of the Planes, or the Lands Beyond Belief, or the Eternal Uncertainty. It's a cert that the normally reliable concepts of space and time simple don't work properly there: A cutter can walk with his back to the Spire for days, turn, and a few hours later he'll be near a Gate Town again!

Well, as there ain't likely to be an answer provided any time soon, I'll let you in on some of the screed that's being spun by ordinary, everyday berks like yourself...


The Hinterlands

In Fact, there's so much Chant,
it's been Split up...

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Faction MusingsOutlands Symbol

Factionneers lann some chant on their own beliefs and disbeliefs concerning the Hinterlands.

Planewalker Tales

Myriad opinions from as many cutters who're planewalkers, Outlands natives, or just like to stick in their oar when asked.

Locations in Infinity

Explorers who've returned from the Hinterlands safely can share their chant of what they've seen here...

Hinterlands Off the Mimir

You can find a great deal of excellent new information on the Hinterlands off the Mimir on Alex Robert's site, A Tiefling's Exultation
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