The Razers 
The Razers 

The Razers 

This power group of philosophical firestarters is something of a rogue element within the Doomguard. Although they still support the ultimate triumph of Entropy, their methods place them at direct odds with one of the other power groups within the faction, the Sifters. See, unlike their Regulator brethren, these Destroyers firmly believe that the multiverse must be scorched by fire. As much as possible, these firebugs set everything in their path ablaze. The flames can be magical, natural, or gated in from the plane of Fire. So long as the destruction is caused by fire, the Razers do not care what method its members use. 

Given this attitude, the Razers and the Sifters are always at each other’s throats. It doesn’t help matters that the two groups are so close together. (These arsonists have placed their base of operations within the Sea of Frozen Flames on the Elemental Plane of Fire.) The Razers have the advantage in that their fortress is carefully hidden. Lately, the Razers have been focusing their energies against the Sifters, rather than the rest of the multiverse. Pentar allows a bit of this infightin’. Nothing like a bit of internal combustion to keep entropy on its toes, eh? But woe betide if the Razers cause any permanent damage to the Crumbling Citadel, it’s a cert that Pentar would have this group hunted down and destroyed. There’s a line, you see, between loving the chaos and becoming a hazard to your own kin.

So, to sum it up, if you’ve got a fire in your belly for entropy, but prefer it to be a literal one, the Razers might be the philosophical pyromaniacs you’ve been looking for. Just mind you don’t get too hot under the collar; they’re a sensitive lot when it comes to their chosen element.

What the Hands of Havoc think of these cutters is anyone’s guess. Most likely, those cutters just sit back, warm their hands on the flames, and chuckle.

Source: Ken Lipka and Jon Winter-Holt

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