Ely Cromlich
Ely Cromlich

Ely Cromlich

(Planar marquis cambion tanar’ri fighter [he/him] / Doomguard / CE) 

This tanar’ri has been in the charge of all the Armoury’s forges and workshops for well over a century, and quite often takes a turn at the central forge himself. He is an undisputed master in both the making and wielding of weapons. Ely is the de facto leader of the Destroyers fraction, and is a vocal advocate for keeping the Doomguard involved in the Blood War—on the side of the tanar’ri, naturally. The cambion, as expected, completely supports the policies that Pentar has set forth during time as Factol. Some rumours making the rounds inside the ranks say that this strong support is not only because of their similar outlooks, but also because they are lovers. 

As the faction’s chief weapons master, Ely has the final say in what weapons get made by the Doomguard. Quite often, those seeking custom-made weapons will have to deal with the cambion directly. Although he leaves all of the paperwork to his assistant, Spragg, the tanar’ri has complete knowledge of all of the weapons owned by the faction both in terms of quantity and location. 

Whether or not the tanar’ri is intimate with Pentar, he does have plans involving the Factol. Much like Bendon Mawl, Ely is making plans for the future path of the faction once Pentar is gone. And, unlike the Doomlord, the tanar’ri isn’t planning on leaving her demise to chance. The cambion’s secret plans involve assassinating Pentar during her assault on the Great Modron March, and then getting himself voted into the factol’s office. Once he controls the Doomguard, Ely plans to have the faction focus exclusively on the Blood War and forsake all other projects in favour of that conflict. Although he knows that the Sinkers and Regulators won’t like this shift of purpose for the faction, the tanar’ri hasn’t yet decided if a purge of the Doomguard’s ranks is going to be necessary to allow him to complete his grand scheme. 

Source: Ken Lipka

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