The Diachronics
The Diachronics

The Diachronics

The Language Killers

This Doomguard coterie belongs to the same general school of philosophy as the Harbingers. Although they are just as dedicated to the destruction of the multiverse as their cross-faction compatriots, the Diachronics take a different approach. These Doomguard figure it is far easer to ruin the languages spoken throughout the multiverse than to destroy an entire, infinite plane. Language allows knowledge, ideas, and beliefs to be spread to others. These ideas and beliefs are the foundation of the Outer Planes. If you kill a berk with a new idea, more people end up being interested in the idea than if the original thinker was left alive, thus strengthening that belief. But, if you destroy a language, you eliminate the means by which those beliefs are communicated and soon the ideas themselves will die. 

Even though the group gets dubbed the ‘Language Killers’, verbal communication is only their primary focus. Any form of communication is a target for their efforts. Art and music, which communicate ideas without words, are equally open to corruption. However, because these “languages” don’t use words, their meanings are more easily misinterpreted. Thus, not only do they need less work to destroy, they can also be used as tools to further the decay of the spoken word. Overall, miscommunication is the group’s goal and tool. Throughout numerous histories from the Prime, kingdoms have warred against each other and within their own borders from the simplest miscommunication. This is the font of knowledge the Diachronics draw upon. 

Given the amount of time it can take to corrupt a language, all three fractions of the Doomguard have members in this group. The Diachronics, much like the Harbingers, has also attracted a few non-Doomguard members, primarily from among the Athar and former Free Leaguers, Anarchists, and Xaositects. However, while all these groups support the independent thought, heresies, shifts of power, and utter chaos that the corruption of language can bring, they quickly come to blows with their former allies because the Doomguard aren’t willing to “put things right” once the current “problems” with a given language have been dealt with. 

Source: Ken Lipka, Jon Winter-Holt

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