The Doomsoldiers 
The Doomsoldiers 

The Doomsoldiers 


(Planar tiefling mage (invoker) [he/him] / Doomguard / LE) 

Voltaire is one of the faction’s “on call” mages. When large amounts of real estate or people need to experience Entropy, he’s the one the Destroyers call. This tiefling is a lot closer to blue dragon than fiend – and he puts this electrical affinity to good use as a specialist wizard. 

Voltaire has long black hair, yellow reptilian eyes, blue skin with very small scales, and yellow teeth and fingernails. He wears Exceptional Steel Chain Mail that has been coated in black enamel and wields a Long Sword and Whip (both made from Exceptional Steel). It would appear that this tiefling has a blue dragon among his ancestors. In addition to his physical appearance, his biology (half damage from electrical attacks) and personality also mirror this creature. 

Talbott and Tobey 

Talbott and Tobey are a pair of fraternal twin tieflings born and raised in Sigil. Both are members of the Destroyers, but are among the more sedate of that fraction. They prefer to let things crumble around them, only getting involved in promoting entropy when a certain project or goal interests them. 

They are nearly inseparable twins, but no one can figure out why, because they seem to HATE each other. On more than one occasion, they have actually gone into earnest combat with one another. Talbott seems to derive significant pleasure from making Tobey uneasy and angry by commenting on her demonic arm, and she, being the more violent of the two, usually strikes back with the selfsame arm in anger. They constantly make little verbal digs and cuts at one another, and their relationship seem to be falling apart day after day, yet they still stick together. Part of this is because the Doomguard, who see the decay of their relationship as Entropy, make a conscious effort to keep them together by assigning the two to the same tasks. They make a good team, though, and seem quite capable of getting their jobs done. 


(Planar tiefling fighter-thief [he/him] / Doomguard / CN) 

He is lean of build, so his musculature is not immediately apparent. His limbs are long and thin, but he carries them with a definite dexterity and smooth grace. When he carries them that is… more often than not he sits in some tavern (The Tenth Pit in the Lower Ward is his favorite), draping himself over whatever furniture is present for seating. He has several tiefling features: his ears are very long and sharply pointed, somewhat like narrow, hairless rabbit or donkey ears; a long, thin reptilian tail; a third eye in the middle of his forehead. 

Talbott dresses in ragtag clothing that is always a bit too big for him, so it seems baggy. Usually, this consists of a worn, faded shirt or jerkin, over which he wears leather armor, the whole covered with a wrinkled tunic and, usually, a long faded greenish-gray coat which is left unbuttoned and falls to his knees. His long, brown trousers hang loose over the edges of his knee-high leather boots. Tucked in his belt are a shortsword and dagger, neither terribly impressive. His main weapons, however, are his two cutlasses, which uses simultaneously in a peculiar fashion. One is strapped to his back, the other across the back of his hips, parallel to the ground. When fighting, he holds one normally, the other inverted, blade down, and uses it to block and make quick elbow blows and stabs. He is very skillful with his blades. The cutlass he keeps on his back, which has a guard like a grotesque face, is called “Armiteur” and is a +2 weapon, and when it scores a good hit, jolts the recipient with a flesh and bone disruptive surge of magic [save vs. death or suffer 1d6 extra damage].

Talbott’s third eye (which is capable of detect magic) is usually not visible, for he wears a leather helm over his head. The helm falls to his brow and gives his otherwise unobtrusive, handsome face a rather grim look. The front is adorned with a metal plate that covers his forehead and third eye, leaving only a slit open for the eye to see out of. The sides of the helm fall long and loose, with holes cut for his ears to poke through. The helm is +2, and allows him an attempt to disrupt an opponent’s action. 

Talbott, though a fighter and rogue, has for much of his life been very interested in some forms of alchemy, and has sort of self-taught himself some chemistry. See, though he ended up pursuing a career as a fighter of sorts (mostly due to his DG involvement), he actually has a very academic mind, and therefore, though often idle, reads from time to time, and analyzes situations with a more distinguishing eye then he seems to. He often thinks, but he rarely acts. Only when something catches his fancy or displeasure does he actually do anything about it. He’ll tell a berk that being so idle lets him FEEL the entropy all the more. 

Because of his dabbling in alchemy, Talbott can perform some degree of chemical concoction, including primitive gunpowder (though it is expensive and difficult, and therefore rarely made). He occasionally manufactures what he likes to call Deathpacks: some gunpowder, lamp oil flasks, crumpled parchment, wood shavings, and ten or twenty caltrops all mixed together in a backpack. Light on fire and throw for best results. Due to his sister’s influence, he has also mastered some arts of a mechanical nature, including trap building and such. 


(Planar tiefling fighter-thief [she/her] / Doomguard / CN) 

She shares her bother’s build… lean and slim, with a musculature not at first apparent. Like Talbott, her eyes are rather large and rusty red in color. Unlike Talbott, her ears are only slightly pointed and not long at all. Her face is not unpleasant, but there is a wicked gleam in her eyes that only disappears occasionally, when she is tired, upset to the point of resignation, or amused. Her hair is unkempt and spiky, raven black, and pulled into a ponytail loosely bound in the wrappings of a leather cord. Close observers will note one of her tiefling features, raven-like feathers growing from places on the back of her head, blending in with the rest of her hair. She usually has a pair of large- eyed goggles strapped on, shift up on top of her head. 

Tobey dresses, again like her brother, in loose, baggy clothing. Her loose breeches are tucked into metal-clad, leather boots and behind her greaves, the knees of which are crafted into elongated, moaning faces. She wears a thick leather breastplate and shoulder armor over a loose, gray-green shirt and jerkin. She keeps a hood tucked into her shirt, but only uses it when thieving. She tends to carry herself casually, though she has a definite quickness to her manner. She seems to drape herself where she sits. There is a dark, shadowy side to Tobey that can’t be defined, but is felt by those who see her nonetheless. 

Almost immediately noticeable is the large metal and leather gauntlet Tobey wears on her right hand, which is connected to a forearm-encasing metal greave. The whole seems a little big for her hand, but nonetheless fits well. The fact is, Tobey’s right forearm and hand are another tiefling feature… greenish-brown and rough skinned, with a hand sporting long, thin, clawed fingers connected to a slightly smaller than normal palm. Tobey is quite embarrassed and sensitive about her arm, thus, she keeps it covered, and becomes defensive and/or angry with if anyone brings it up or asks about it. She does, however, use the gauntlet in brawls as an effective bashing weapon. 

Tobey carries a cutlass, like her brother, as well as a dagger, but rarely uses either. She is a master archer and prefers to use her light crossbow, which is never far from her. Originally made by an inventor in Sigil named Fisk (she stole it), it is a mechanical specialty and slightly enchanted; named “Gervasse” it is a +2 weapon and automatically recocks itself after being fired. She carries a couple of quivers full of bolts, including some magical ones with some peculiar effects. Other special and magical items include: a folding grappling hook, a grappling hook arrow, her breastplate (high quality – 50% weight and +2 AC), and a number of special trap building and thieving items. 

Tobey’s ever-present companion is a large Executioner’s Raven, which is her loyal pet and friend. The two share an almost empathic relationship, so the raven is something like a familiar to her. Its name is Ingraham. 

Tobey is mechanically gifted. Since she was young she has been fascinated with mechanical devices of every conception, and familiarized herself, through tinkering and experience, with many of them. As she developed into a promising thief, she became very competent with locks, and is something of a master in the department. She can also repair, and more importantly, skillfully sabotage more types of common machines (ever hear about the big breakdown at the Great Foundry? She, supported by her brother, was responsible for it). 

Due to her mechanical inclinations (strange, considering her chaotic mentality), Tobey is almost as interested as Pentar in the Great March, simply because of the mechanical nature of Mechanus. She has therefore been actively pursuing, until recently, the capture of a modron or two. Unlike her brother, Tobey more actively seeks to create entropy… thus her occasional, seemingly pointless, sabotages. 

Tobey serves two purposes for the Doomguard; her ability as a saboteur, and her skill as an archer. She has, on occasion, been used to assassinate people. Though she prefers the former practice, she is equally at home with the latter, and has even been known to comment on how powerful it makes her feel to know she holds the life of another in the sights of her bow… 

Laran Susspurus

(Planar tiefling thief [he/him] / Doomguard / NE) 

This despicable factotum is one of the faction’s spies in the Outlands burg of Plague-Mort, gate-town to the Abyss. He runs an apothecary of sorts in the heart of Merchant’s Row. Laran sells medications, poisons, acids, venoms, and their very expensive antidotes. Given the effectiveness of his products, it is suspected that the tiefling has cut some kind of deal with Red Shroud, the succubus who rules the burg on the other side of the gate, Broken Reach. (Given how jealously she guards her reputation as the best poisoner on the planes, there’s no way she’d let some upstart set up kip next door to her without getting something in return.) 

Although Laran usually acts as a messenger between the Doomguard’s high-ups in Sigil and the rulers of the gate- town, his true mission is to act as a stabilizing agent and help prevent the burg from sliding into the Abyss – at least for now. Although this is directly at odds with the faction’s philosophy, this seemingly lawful and charitable act serves the larger view of Entropy. First of all, it is simply a matter of convenience. The faction has cut a fair number of deals with the Arch-lector concerning the free flow of goods and people through his town. If the town were to slide, they’d have to try and deal with a new government that might not be as easily bribed. But more importantly, by knowing how to successfully manipulate the population of the town, Laran will be able to cause it to slide into the Abyss exactly when the Doomguard finally wants it to. This could be an invaluable secondary weapon against the Great Modron March should Pentar’s plans for a frontal assault fail. 

Source: Ken Lipka

The Doomguards 


(Prime elf fighter-thief [she/her] / Doomguard / CG) 

This young and naive elf really wants to be a member of the Society of Sensation. She joined the Doomguard because she fears they might be right about the progress of Entropy and doesn’t want the multiverse to go away before she’s had a chance to see it all. She’d rather spend some time among the Entropy Rats getting a feel for the pace of decay and trying to slow it down so she can learn how best to spend her time once she turns stag on them and joins the Sensates. Due to her ulterior motives, Falcatta is a bit over-eager to prove herself a member of the Doomguard; even it is only the Regulators fraction. This terminally cheery “yes sir, can do!” attitude tends to get on the nerves of nearly everyone around her. 

However, despite her best efforts, Falcatta is slowly becoming more and more a true member of the Doomguard. Perhaps sensing her reluctance, her superiors have continually assigned her to the more dangerous missions. As a result, the elf has had a more concentrated and continual exposure to the forces of Entropy than most namers. These experiences have begun to turn her fears about the nature of Entropy into solid beliefs. If she stays a member of the Doomguard for too much longer, Falcatta might very well abandon her plans to become a Sensate and stay with the Regulators fraction a whole-hearted member. 

“The Griffin”

(Planar human fighter [she/her] / Doomguard / N) 

This woman is known only by her nickname. She earned it because of her piercing gaze and sharp tongue. The Griffin has been a namer of the faction for several years. She hasn’t gained any rank in the faction because she is using it as a social club of sorts. Most of her efforts are put into running the tavern she owns in the Hive Ward of Sigil, the House of the Griffin. 

The Griffin’s commitment to Entropy makes her establishment a favourite among the thugs of the Hive – she views bar-fights as the perfect expression of decay. As a result, she strongly encourages them, and employs several bashers whose sole job is to pick fights with the patrons. Due to this chaotic atmosphere, the Revolutionary League has been using the tavern as a safe house for its members. The Griffin is well aware of this fact and approves of it, mainly because they tend to start a lot of fights; especially when the Harmonium arrive after responding to an “anonymous ” tip that there are Anarchists about. 

Source: Ken Lipka

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