The Speakers of All
The Speakers of All

The Speakers of All

This is a strange bunch of Sinkers, for sure. So strange, in fact, that they’re often mistaken for Xaosmen. That’s because they’re usually found in deep trances, muttering words that simply sound like gibberish. “What’s that got to do with entropy?” you’re asking? Well…

The founder of the Speakers of All is a prime priest cutter by the name of Yaveh. She’s from an obscure religious sect of a power who’s name she long ago forgot. These bashers believe that the true powers of the Multiverse have one million and one names, and when all of these names have been spoken in worshipful prayer, the Multiverse will come to a close.

Well, Yaveh happened across Sigil some years ago, and the Sinkers heard of her beliefs. Intrigued, they persuaded her to join the faction, promising a stream of factioneers to support her sect’s beliefs. Ever since then, in a deep dark room of the Armoury, the Speakers of All have sat, murmuring prayers to any and all names of powers that they come across. When seen outside the Armoury, these sods are usually murmuring names and prayers uner their breath, and don’t seem able to focus on anything else quite properly.

There’s a considerable information-gathering network involved too. Sinker factioneers have been seen scouring libraries and planar burgs, trying to learn names of long-forgotten powers, just in case one of those is one of the one million and one. Oracles and psychics have been consulted, and temples raided for their holy texts. The Sinkers seem keen on this project; any lead they can find to hasten the end of the Multiverse and bring Entropy to all things is well worth the effort, the reckon.


(Prime half-elf priest [she/her] / Doomguard / NG) 

This priestess is somewhat unusual in that she is utterly following her own agenda. The Doomguard merely happens to agree with it and supports her efforts. As a result, she is the only Entropic Champion in the history of the faction not to have undergone the ritual binding her to an entropy blade. It’s doubtful that Yaveh is even aware of her rank or importance given how obsessed she is with her goal. See, she’s from a prime-based doomsday cult that believes that the multiverse will end once the names of all one million and one true gods have been spoken. Everything beyond discovering and speaking the names of these deities is unimportant to her. 

Naturally, the Destroyers have adopted Yaveh and her cause and are the ones to provide for her welfare. They inducted her into the faction nearly half a decade ago by “rescuing” her from the middle of a conflict between the factions of the Fraternity of Order and the Athar. The Guvners were looking to make her a member of that lawful faction simply because of the idea of being able to classify the powers as those who are true gods and those who are not appealed to their sense of order. The Athar merely wanted to kill her because her beliefs simultaneously supported and destroyed their faction’s core philosophy. In the middle of the ruckus, the Doomguard factioneers snuck in, spirited her away to the Armory, and promptly gave her the rank of Entropic Champion. 

Yaveh is a grim half-elf who is wrapped up in a religious crusade to bring the multiverse to a close. Most of her time is spent speaking prayers to one power or another, hoping their name is one of the million and one. With help from the Doomguard, she also controls a far-flung network of agents who diligently search through thousands of religious archives, searching for the names of forgotten, lost, or dead powers in case theirs is one of those which will unlock the end of the multiverse. She occasionally takes the time to eat or bathe. Yaveh exists mainly in her own world, ignoring everything around her unless it threatens to stop her from achieving her goals. When the priestess perceives something as such a threat, she responds violently, invoking wrathful prayers to destroy that which seeks to stop her task. It is interesting to note that she does not invoke the name of any one power when casting her spells; it seems that Yaveh has been searching for other the names of other gods for so long that she has forgotten the name of the one who set on her task in the first place. 

Sources: Jon Winter, and Ken Lipka, thanks also to Ian Watson


    1. Thank you! This particular piece came from Ken Lipka’s Doomguard netbook which I’ll post in a files section at some point, with some edits and tweaks. I’m glad you liked it! And also thank you for being the first comment on v3 of and proving to me that the comments actually work! Watch this space, I have sooooo much more material to come.

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