The Conformatists
The Conformatists

The Conformatists

The Conformatists

A Coterie of the Harmonium

Tomis‘ bitter experience has given him a lot to say. He believes passionately in the order of society; in a world where some of the choices have been made for a cutter, but others are left open to interpretation. He thinks that too much or too little choice is a bad thing. Above all, he believes in the power of stereotypes. 

See, the politics on Chavella could’ve been very different if berks could’ve relied on something. Sure, there’s belief in an ideal, but beliefs can change. Old allies can become enemies, and those you trust turn against you. Minds can be changed easily.

Bodies cannot.

The Conformatists believe a body should act in his own nature. Elves should behave like they were made to, as elves. Orcs are orcs, and no amount of make-up’ll alter that simple truth. Never trust a baatezu, ‘cos they’ll betray you if they can possibly find a way; that’s the way the saying goes. And it’s the truth too.

If a creature sticks to those of its own kind, then all’s well and good. Elves mate with elves, bariaur with bariaur, and slaad with slaad. If you slip up, the balance gets upset, and someone suffers. See how tieflings and half-elves get treated like outcasts by their own blood? That’s because they should’ve never been born in the first place.

The Conformatists don’t see themselves as racists. They don’t hate dwarves, aasimar or halflings any more than the next blood, they just want a cutter to behave like he should. If you know tieflings are untrustworthy then you don’t trust ’em. Simple as that. It’s the tieflings who don’t act right; they’re the ones who cause the trouble.

So, stick with your stereotype, they say. After all, that’s why they’re there, right? They must be true, otherwise they’d never have been noticed in the first place. Fate is fate, berk, and no amount of manoeuvring’s going to change that.

All this just leaves one final problem. How’s a human supposed to act? There’s no one stereotype for them, of all the races, so what’s a berk to do? Some Conformatists (the human ones) take this as a licence to act how they like, and until a stereotype comes along, then that’s the group’s line. Others seek this stereotype; it’s a matter of perspective. Whatever ends they seek, the Hardheads of the Conformatists are some of the most stubborn berks a cutter’ll ever meet.

Still, for all their protestations that they do like the other races really, the fact remains that almost all the Conformatists are human. What’s more, the group’s frowned on by many other bloods in the Harmonium, let alone the other factions. It seems other races don’t like being pigeon-holed like that. Their loss, say the Conformatists.

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Source: Jon Winter-Holt

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