Pereid, Doomlord

(Planar human thief [she/her] / LN) 

This manic woman is one of the Doomguard’s most powerful, and important, bloods. She is the Doomlord in charge of the faction’s stronghold on the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Dust, the Citadel Alluvius. Pereid allies herself with the Sinkers fraction of the Doomguard, and champions the cause of Entropy on non-physical objects: things such as thoughts, philosophies, and ideas. 

Pereid was born roughly forty years ago in the burg of Melodia, on the plane of Arcadia. It’s not big secret that Melodia is the Harmonium’s major stronghold outside of Sigil; everyone in the burg wholeheartedly supports that faction, and eventually becomes a member. Pereid was no exception. Her parents were guards at one of the Harmonium’s many “training camps” on the plane, and they schooled their daughter in much the same way as they did their “guests”. This upbringing turned the young woman into a zealot in the cause for peace, law, and multiversal harmony. During her career with the Harmonium, she served time in the camps, as well as patrolling the planes, and eventually ended up in Sigil. As a Measure Three, Pereid was put in charge of force tasked with keeping the Doomguard’s acts of public destruction in check – a task that she did very well. 

All of this made Pereid a very tempting target for the Doomguard. They wanted to strike a blow against the Hardheads, and decided to so by turning some of their own members against them. The faction kidnapped her from her office in the City Barracks, and took the woman to the Armory where she was tortured, engaged in philosophical argument, and indoctrinated in the ways of Entropy. Within a few weeks, the Doomguard had managed to strip her belief in the Harmonium ways, and Pereid became just as strong a member of the Sinkers as she was of the Hardheads. Unfortunately, this also broke her mind. Where before she used to be ordered and organised, Pereid was now obsessive – especially about discussing philosophy, which she now does nearly 24 hours a day. 

As a Doomlord, this rogue controls a large portion of the faction’s resources and helps to direct the course of the Doomguard as a whole. As a member of the Sinkers, she is not too pleased with the how Factol Pentar has been running the faction of late. Having controlled the stronghold on Dust for close to eight years, she has had her fill of physical destruction and seeks, instead, to encourage the Entropy of Belief. To this end, Pereid plays something of a balancing act—she orders the factioneers under her command to accelerate the decay of the spiritual, while slowing the decay of the physical. In this manner, she feels that she is still upholding the beliefs of the Sinkers fraction because the overall pace of Entropy remains the same. 

Even for a Doomlord, Pereid tends to make quite an impression on people. This is primarily because she is always speaking. While her favourite subject is philosophy, the woman is perfectly capable of carrying a conversation with anyone on any topic – including herself if there’s no one else available. Even sleep doesn’t still her words. At times, she sounds much like a Xaositect with mangled syntax and mixed up word order. If she gets excited, the pitch of her babble drops to a fervent whisper. Pereid’s taste in clothing resembles her speech. While everything she wears is of dark, somber colors, that’s the only thing they have in common. Everything else about them is mismatched: style, size, material. Her hair is long and flowing, freely falling about her shoulders and the black and red mask that is the symbol of office for a Doomlord. When forced into physical conflict, she favours light and quick swords, such as the rapier, because it allows her blows to keep up with her words as she delivers a stinging insult with each and every strike. 

Source: Ken Lipka

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