Flavours of Entropy
Flavours of Entropy

Flavours of Entropy

The Doomguard is one of the less restrictive factions with regards to personal interpretations of the core philosophy. However, despite the multitudes of differing ideas on how to bring the multiverse to its rightful state of pure Entropy, the factioneers can generally be grouped into one of three different mental camps. These fractions differ in their overall approach to achieving multiversal Entropy. Their outlooks and methods tend to mirror the law-chaos axis of alignment…

The Destroyers 

This fraction represents the viewpoint of the current majority of the Doomguard factioneers. The Destroyers whole-heartedly believe in the fact that the point of the multiverse is to collapse into one large blob of Entropy. In fact, they feel that things are not moving along fast enough, and so they take every opportunity to speed up the natural progression of Entropy. These factioneers fulfil the stereotype presented by the Harmonium and are the ones responsible for the various random acts of violence and destruction committed by the faction. It is directly due to the influence the current Factol (Pentar) as well as her three successors that faction’s own nickname for followers of this outlook has become associated with the faction as a whole. [While not a universal truth, the majority of the Destroyers have chaotic alignments.]

The Sinkers

This fraction of the Doomguard is the second largest camp within its ranks. Also called the Guardians, these members, while still desiring the multiverse to end in Entropy, are content to let things continue at their present pace. Thus, Sinkers will usually stand by and let people try and fix things, as they know that the repairs will themselves decay in time. But this does not mean that they do not act to protect their beliefs. If members of this camp hear of an event that will (in their estimation) serve to slow the overall pace of Entropy in a given area, the Sinkers will be just as destructive and militant as the Destroyers in their removal or prevention of that event. As with the Destroyers, the nickname of this fraction is also associated with the faction as a whole. This is because early on in the faction’s history, these factioneers held the majority of the Factol’s post. [The majority of the Sinkers have Neutral alignments.]

The Regulators 

The third and final fraction of the Doomguard is definitely the smallest portion of faction in terms of numbers. The Regulators, while still desiring to see the multiverse decay, think that things are moving along far too quickly. They fulfill their beliefs by working to counteract large acts of Entropy—these Doomguard are content to let things fall to pieces a tiny bit at a time. This minority often works at cross-purposes to the other two fractions of the Doomguard; but there are occasions when the Sinkers and the Regulators unite to put a damper on a particularly violent plot of the Destroyers camp. [Most of the Regulators have Lawful alignments.]

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