The Knights of Decay 
The Knights of Decay 

The Knights of Decay 

Hugh Phagus

(Planar human fighter [he/him] / Doomguard / NG) 

Hugh Phagus is a well-known, and well-respected, factor of the Sinker fraction. He has caught the eye of both Doomlord Mawl and Factol Pentar; he stands a good of chance of being promoted to Nernstrom. Prior to joining the Doomguard, Phagus was a resident of Rigus (i.e. professional soldier). The man started his career in the faction as a street agent in Sigil and sometime partner to Chakan. It is through his association with Decay Knight Chakan that he has gained his reputation. At present, he is the garrison commander for Pentar’s Y’Lien colony in Citadel Sealt. 

Prior to his assignment to Citadel Sealt, Hugh was one of the more active members of the Sinker fraction. His adopted area of Entropy whose pace he sought to maintain was the murder rate in Sigil; specifically, the actions of mass murderers. Hugh managed to cultivate many contacts in the Harmonium and Mercykillers that allowed him to pick up information on these miscreants. The Decay Knight would sit back and follow their progress, doing nothing until they (in his estimation) “exceeded their quota”. Then he proceeded to track them down and kill them. Actually, the “art” of murder is something of a hobby to Hugh. (Purely clinical interest, naturally.) He has an impressive collection of notes concerning the habits, patterns, mental state and the like on every known case of mass murder that has ever happened in Sigil. As a result of these notes and his research, Hugh is often able to determine the cause of death merely by glancing at a corpse. This intense interest also allows him to Sift organic remains; an ability normally restricted to Doomguard clerics. 

Hugh Phagus is a man fast approaching middle age. However, he keeps his body in top physical condition and is a no-nonsense, professional. He keeps his black hair cropped short and his face clean-shaven. Hugh’s personality matches his speech – a deadpan delivery with a monotone, fast, clipped speaking voice (think Joe Friday). When not wearing armor, Hugh favors the fantasy equivalent of a three-piece suit. At all times, he wears a worn and faded fedora made from dark blue felt. This hat is his personal shrine to Entropy – he wears until it literally falls apart, and then he buys a new one to start the process over. Having a background as a professional soldier, he keeps his arms and armor in top condition. He wears chain mail and wields a saber and main-gauche (all are made from Exceptional Steel). He also carries an impressive, customized heavy crossbow (doubled, extra pulley, and strength options). 

This weapon is especially deadly in Hugh’s hands as he is a specialist with the weapon. 

“This is the city – Sigil. There are over one million sods here. And one of them is always killing another one. That’s OK. But sometimes, one will exceed his quota – that’s when I go to work. My name’s Hugh. I’m a Doomguard. I work in Homicide.” 


(Prime human fighter [he/him] / Doomguard / CE) 

If the Doomguard faction was a true military organization, this Decay Knight would be called a career sergeant. Curly has no ambitions to rise any higher in rank. He is perfectly content to stay in the trenches of the day-to-day affairs of the faction. The man is most often found leading a squad of Doomsoldiers and Doomguards on one of Pentar’s many entropic raids in Sigil or other parts of the multiverse. 

Curly is actually the man’s nickname that he earned early on in his career with the Doomguard. However, no one really called him by it until after he lost his trademark dreadlocks to a misaimed fireball by a faction mage. However, he’s accepted the joke and now takes pride in his baldness. Curly’s gruff and abusive, but has a very sound mind and keen powers of observation. He is somewhat rare among the Destroyers in that he actually can see and consider the “long view” and “The Big Picture” with respect to the progression of Entropy. 

Tavis “The Reaver”

(Planar bariaur priest [she/her] / Doomguard / CE) 

Tavis is both an oddity and a loose cannon. The first because she is an evil bariaur; the second because she cares little for procedure or mission goals – the barmy bariaur wants only to go out in a massive blaze of Entropy and take as much as she can with her. Tavis has been promoted to the rank of Decay Knight not due to any personal ambition, but only through being very effective in the right place at the right time. This “luck” has put her in the position of being able to rescue a favorite factioneer of Pentar’s as well as being instrumental during the Doomguard’s efforts to keep the gate-town of Plaguemort in The Outlands. She is presently being considered as a liaison with the Abyssal town of Gallowsgate

Tavis is a creature both beautiful and dangerous. Her hair is auburn and hangs down to her waist – it is bound back by a pair of black and white ribbons, with a single eagle feather. She wears a thick silver chain around her neck. Her pelt is also auburn, but a darker shade than her hair. She wears bronze plate mail on her torso and chain mail barding on her hindquarters. The faction’s symbol is displayed prominently on both armor and barding. Her weapons of choice (besides the sword) are mace and javelin. She is an ardent member of the Destroyers fraction and a priest who reveres the Force of Entropy – a dangerous combination to be sure. 

Recently, Tavis has begun to reconsider her goal of being ground zero for a massive act of Entropy. Her time during the near-slide of Plaguemort exposed her some of the “glories” of the Abyss. The bariaur is now trying to befriend the marilith nernstrom, Jaranda, and find out if there is any way she can be transformed into an Armanite Tanar’ri. 


(Prime human fighter [he/him] / Doomguard / LG) 

This Decay Knight appears to be one of the more unlikely members of the Doomguard. He belongs to the Regulators fraction, yet he is Ely Cromlich‘s chief assistant in running the forges and weapon shops of the Armory. But his fraction allegiance is precisely why Pentar paired him with the tanar’ri – it makes the man perfect for keeping track of all of the accounting and other paperwork associated with the business of making weapons. As a result, he has become the de facto quartermaster for the entire faction. 

At first glance, Spragg appears to be better suited for membership in the Fraternity of Order than the Doomguard. He is a puny, middle-aged man. He is rapidly losing his prematurely gray hair, and thick spectacles make up for his failing eyesight. He is most often seen covered in ink stains with a sheaf of papers under one arm and a quill stuck behind one ear. Despite his apparent frailty, Spragg has a keen mind and is very observant. Since he is in charge of most of the inventories of the faction, the man is often the first one people talk to when they want to find out if anyone within the ranks is running a secret agenda. After all, they have to get their supplies from some one… 

Doomlord Bendon Mawl is making good use of Spragg’s control of the faction’s stockpiles as well as his belief that the pace of Entropy needs to be slowed down. This Decay Knight is Mawl’s chief ally in the Doomlord’s attempts to guide the faction away from the destructive and dangerous policies set forth by Factol Pentar and the rest of the Destroyers fraction.

Pomeriel of the Birch

(Planar elf wizard (enchanter) [she/her] / Doomguard / CN) 

This pale-skinned elf is one of the rare few covert agents employed by the Destroyers fraction. She has been sent on an undercover mission to the site of Grandfather Oak on the Outer Plane of Arborea. There, the Decay Knight has apprenticed herself to the resident master of the art of wood shaping. This craft involves using a wide variety of non- magical techniques to mold living wood into any shape the artist desires. All in all, such an artistic pursuit seems highly out of place for a member of the Doomguard, particularly one dedicated to accelerating the overall pace of Entropy. 

However, Pomeriel is not learning this craft simply to make and sell works of art. Instead she is interested in the wider applications of the skills involved. The elf is trying to determine if wood shaping has any relation to the mental discipline of chaos shaping that is possible on the plane of Limbo. If it is, the craft might be the key to performing feats similar to chaos shaping anywhere in the multiverse. After all, if one can mould a living plant to one’s will, could the ability to shape living flesh be not far behind? If Pomeriel is able to make this leap of logic for the faction, the Doomguard will have acquired a very dangerous new weapon for use in the pursuit of its beliefs. 

Source: Ken Lipka

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