(Planar tiefling bard [he/him] / Doomguard / NE) 

Jazvid is one of the rare Nernstroms who is not in charge of a permanent installation. Instead, he serves the Doomguard as their star diplomat. He understands the politics of the Lower Planes very well, and is in charge of all of the faction’s dealings with the fiends. (At present, he is instrumental in keeping the tanar’ri of Twelve Trees focused on the construction of the Ships of Chaos.) When he’s not sealing a deal with something in the Lower Planes, Jazvid can be found either digging up information of use to the faction or else attending a meeting of the City Council in Sigil’s Hall of Speakers. (He is only called in to represent the faction when there is some piece of legislation pending that Pentar wants to have guaranteed passage – or failure.) In between assignments, Jazvid calls the Outlands gate-town of Rigus home. 

As a bard, Jazvid performs songs, gathers information, and deals with people on a regular basis. As a member of the Destroyers fraction, he seeks to accelerate Entropy. His specific slant is the decay of people’s minds/thoughts/opinions and information in general. Although he tends to take a longer view of Entropy than most in his camp, Jazvid’s not averse to giving it a little push now and again. His pursuit of Entropy is somewhat unusual. After he’s found a rumor/piece of information (and given a copy to the faction), he will help the Entropy of the item. A rumour will be exaggerated to the next step; info will be made slightly more mistaken than it was. He does the same with songs. Any song he doesn’t like will be recorded and then changed slightly—an acceleration of changes that would have taken place of decades of playing. 

His true love is working with (over) people. He uses his Ring of Human Influence as well as his bardic abilities to full effect to help the Entropy of the human(oid) mind. He will use ESP to find out what someone thinks, and then get that person to like him either through his natural charisma or the magical charms of his ring. Once done, Jazvid will then fast-talk and suggest that the person think something else. It doesn’t matter if he does it to one person at a time, or with a whole crowd during a concert. 

Jazvid, at first glance, appears to be a normal half-elf that’s either been rolled in coal dust or else has just returned from a week’s vacation on the Plane of Ash. His tiefling nature gives him a speckled, dusty look. His silver-blond hair has “flecks” of black and gray on the strands. His skin appears as a moderate tan coated with a gray layer of dust. The whites of his eyes are also speckled. The irises themselves are iridescent (ranging from glossy black to metallic greens and purples). Jazvid’s normal speaking voice is soft and breathy – being no louder than a loud whisper. Oddly, his singing voice can reach normal volumes. His normal attire is finely tailored clothing that is either brand new (at the start of a cycle) or quite worn (at the end of a cycle). When entering a dangerous situation, he uses a suit of Baatorian Green Steel Chain Mail; weapons are short sword and dagger. (He owns three sets, one each made from Baatorian Green Steel, Iron, and Silver.) Regardless of the situation, Jazvid always carries at least one of the musical instruments in which he is trained (“the bones”, the clarsach—a small harp, or the bagpipes). 

Source: Ken Lipka

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