Belenus and Brigid
Belenus and Brigid

Belenus and Brigid

Belenus and Brigid


Belenus the Sun

The Sun, Belenos, Bilé. NG intermediate power of sun, light, heat (He/Him)

Pantheon: Celtic (Gaulish, Welsh [as Belenos])

Symbol: Solar disc and standing stones

Realm: Elysium / Thalasia / Isles of the Blessed


Brigid the Rivermaid

The Rivermaid, Brigantia, Brigindo. NG intermediate power of rivers, livestock, fire, fortune, fertility (She/Her)

Pantheon: Celtic (Tuatha de Danann [as Brigid], Welsh [as Brigantia], Gaulish [as Brigindo])

Symbol: Footbridge

Realm: Elysium / Thalasia / Isles of the Blessed

Belenus and Brigantia, are a couple of powers from the Celtic pantheon, who while differing in their domains, share a unique bond and coexist harmoniously in their shared realm. Belenus is the Celtic power of the sun, light, and heat, is known as the Lord of Light, or simply the Sun. The Tuatha de Danann call him Bilé. His symbol, a solar disc surrounded by standing stones, reflects his connection to the celestial and the terrestrial. The multifaceted Brigid, or Brigantia to the Britons powers, embodies the incredibly diverse range of essence of rivers, livestock, fire, fortune, and fertility. Her symbol, a footbridge, represents connections and transitions, much like the domains she oversees. 

Brigid as the Mother of Fields

Their shared realm, the Isles of the Blessed in Elysium’s Thalasia, is a sanctuary for mortal heroes who have dedicated their lives to good deeds. This realm is characterised by almost perpetual sunshine as Belenus’ grace shines down from the sky, with brief, cool nights that arrive when Belenus steps away or if the realm’s tranquility is disrupted. The landscape is interwoven with sparkling rivers, reflecting Brigid’s dominion over waterways, and despite the presence of livestock and their keepers, there is a sense of solitude and personal space.

The Sunswatch, a clear hillock at the centre of the realm, serves as the home of Belenus and Brigid. It’s a focal point of their power and a symbol of their guardianship over the Isles. The hill is studded with carefully placed standing stones, aligned to tell the time and season on all of the Prime worlds touched by Belenus’ light. Pure springs bubble up from beneath the stones, trickling down the hill and then through sinkholes leading to every Prime that Brigid’s worshippers live, starting her mighty rivers.

The petitioners here take the form of playful water spirits, or dazzling beings of light, or intelligent and contented livestock who enjoy grazing on the perfect lust grass here that never browns.

Beltain Firebrow and Alaina nic Gwydion, proxies of Belenus and Brigid

Belenus’ interests in the Isles of the Blessed are tended to by his proxy, Beltain Firebrow (proxy human druid [he/him] / NG). Known for his rough exterior but golden heart, Beltain Firebrow is a protector of the woods and groves, communicating with and safeguarding the animals, both natural and magical. While human, he’s definitely part way to transforming into an animal himself. His approach can be forceful, yet he remains a figure of kindness and dedication.

Brigantia’s proxy, Alaina nic Gwydion (proxy human cleric [she/her] / NG), is a woman of charm and steel resolve, fearless in her duties. In the Isles, she is invulnerable to forged weapons and possesses a charming gaze that can captivate any male. Alaina’s primary role is overseeing the herds, but she also frequents the Sunswatch, especially after completing her tasks.

Together, Belenus and Brigantia, along with their proxies, have created a shining realm that is a haven for the good of heart and a testament to the power of harmony between their different yet complementary domains. The Isles of the Blessed are a place where the sun’s warmth and the river’s flow coalesce to nurture, provide and protect.

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