The sturdy and reliable Earth crumbles and gives way
before the enervation of the Negative

Efka on Dust

The Tumbling Rocks

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The Crumbs of Reality

Crumbling, Portalskippers! (That's a Dust greeting, if you hadn't guessed). Voila! just jinkled me to tell you some of the whispers on the plane of Dead Stones, the place legend has it that rocks and boulders go to when they're just too tired to carry on being so solid. It's hard work being hard, you know...

Ah, Dust and Sand. Silt and Grit. Glorious fragments of the most solid stuff. You know, some primes reckon that creatures from Dust slip into their reality at night and sprinkle dust into their eyes. What a lot of barkle, portalskippers! What self-respecting elemental creature would journey to another plane and willingly leave elemental material from its home behind? No, skippers, the real reason for sleeping dust is that the borders between the Negative Quasiplane and the Prime are decaying as the plane itself crumbles.

If you leave a room without cleaning it, dust builds up, right? That's because tiny holes between the planes let through the smallest fragments of dust and grit, see...to keep a place free of dust is a constant battle against the insidious element. Some wisebeards reckon that your prime deserts are places where the barriers grew so weak that they split asunder, allowing miles and miles of the elemental material through before they reformed again. Some say that at the heart of great deserts still lie vortices to Dust, activated by sandstorms and the like. In any case, many's the mother who's obsessively cleaned her house hoping that this would prevent a similar fate!

So what is there in the plane of Dust? Apart from the obvious (and frankly dull) endless expanses of quasielemental material, the plane has more than its share of ruins. Some chivs theorise a building that's given up the ghost and decided it's time to pass away can eventually end up here; as the bricks and mortar crumble away on the prime and the wind blows away the dust, the particles somehow end up here and continue the dying process. Only ruins that ended that way through neglect and natural wastage can make the trip, and it's certainly one way...buildings razed to the ground likewise can appear in Ash.

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Earth's End

The Basics

A glancing look at the plane, its physical conditions, and vital chant you'll need to know if you're fool enough to come here.

Locations on Dust

Burgs and sites, crumbling and unloved, strewn in the dirt like the forgotten toys of the powers.

Touring the Fallapart

Fragments of Planar Lore, scattered like grains of sand on the Wind.

Creatures of Dust

What horros lurk beneath the dunes today?

The Dust Genasi

The Loreseekers of the Eroding Sands: Planar cutters more interested in what things used to be than where they're going next.

Magic of Dust

Spells and prayers developed to make travel on the plane easier, or that draw their power from the plane itself.

Powers of Dust

The plane's got a handful of gods and mighty would-be-gods that claim the prayers of the faithful and the misguided. Learn of their schemes and their realms here.

Stories of Dust

True stories, horror stories, and traveller's tips, they're all here, cutter. Learn what you can from them.

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