Paradyn, God of Fallen Ideals

The Gray Son

(Demipower of the abandonment of ideals [He/Him] / CG)

Realm: Dust / Core Dust / Doomglory

Pantheon: Dust

Symbol: A holy book, finely ground, usually kept in a sack

Paradyn was never idealistic, never a champion of anything. His two older brothers were, and died for it, killed by a lord of the Abyss (older stories say they died in battle against a rival tribe). Paradyn donned his own suit of armour and went to the road to convince people to never die fighting for foolish ideals and creeds. “Stay home,” was his motto, “and live.” Ultimately, Paradyn found his own petty divinity in this philosophy, and a small group of loyal followers.

The Gray Son is the enemy of nearly everyone in the Outer Planes; only his isolated location and lack of great power and influence keeps him safe. He is aware of the paradox of his quest to end all quests, but considers it to be the only cause worth having, if the plane will let him keep it.

Paradyn’s realm contains many crumbling churches and recruitment centres, filled with rot and corruption. Its highlight, however, is a long, seemingly endless graveyard. Row after row, column after column, of gravestones poke out of the dust. Each stone memorialises someone who died fighting for a cause. Even fiendish veterans of the Blood war get a section, and Paradyn grieves over this one as well. The stones are the only memorial many will ever have.

Paradyn’s proxy is an elderly baku, a former member of the Harmonium who was disgusted by their activities in Arcadia. Paradyn sends the baku all over the multiverse, where its anti-philosophy keeps it on the run.

Source: Lane Ripley

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