Anzu the Dreambreaker

(Demipower of broken dreams [He/Him] / CE)

Realm: Dust / Tumbling Rocks / Dreaming’s End

Pantheon: Dust

Symbol: Spilled dust, lying on a pillow

Some say the Prime Material Plane is made of the dreams of the elemental folk, just as the Outer Planes are formed from the beliefs and delusions of the Prime. Every ripple, breeze and rockslide comes from the subconscious flowing of the inner planar denizens.

Anzu was once a major planar power of elemental earth, a high-up tugglemonkey like few others. He attempted to control the dreaming of an earthen kingdom in order to shape and form vast regions of the world of the flesh-folk, and thus establish a foothold on the Outer Ring.  

He found a stone that concentrated the dreams of spirits.

He failed; Grumbar himself wrenched the upstart apart, and all of Anzu’s dreams crumbled to dust.

In Dust he remained, and his portfolio changed: Anzu now represents all whose dreams shatter and fall away. He takes these souls to his crumbling throne, kisses their heads, and brings company to their misery. Those desiring success sacrifice to the god to ward him off, while the depressed and despondent embrace him. The guardians of the worlds’ dooms love him.

Anzu plots still.  He plots against Grumbar and the archomentals. He plots against the gods of dreams and nightmares. He plots against all those who dream and believe in their visions.

He always strives to rein the Ethereal islands of dream into his devouring embrace, to destroy what he cannot control.

Anzu’s realm resembles a Prime Planar terrain (dissolving on the edges) filled with empty, despondent humanoids, fading or undead dreamspawn and dream-eaters. Images and phantasms fade sadly just beyond the range of vision, and spells of those schools are useless.

Source: Lane Ripley

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