Citadel Alluvius
Citadel Alluvius

Citadel Alluvius

Citadel Alluvius 

Dust / Storm of Annihilation

Citadel Alluvius, a bastion of the Doomguard located in the tempestuous region of the Quasi-Elemental Plane of Dust known as the Storm of Annihilation, stands as a monument to the entropic philosophy of its inhabitants. This unique stronghold, a 24-story square tower, lies on its side, creating a disorienting interior where walls, floors, and ceilings have swapped roles. Anchored upon a slowly rotating disc of Elemental Earth, the citadel is shielded from the destructive winds of negative force by a formidable wall of force spells.

Despite its confusing layout and the perilous environment, Citadel Alluvius is the most densely populated of all the Doomguard’s Inner Planar bases. Under the leadership of Doomlord Pereid, it has become a hub for the scholarly minded members of the faction. The Sinkers, as they are known, converge here, each pursuing their unique academic interests. Some, following in Pereid’s footsteps, delve into philosophical studies, exploring the concept of belief and its disintegration. Others are historians, strategists, and planners, contributing their intellectual prowess to the faction’s goals.

This concentration of intellects has transformed Alluvius into the primary library of the Doomguard. In a symbolic nod to their core philosophy that “all will be dust,” the Doomguard has chosen this plane of Dust as the repository for all their accumulated knowledge on entropy and decay.

Recently, there has been a noticeable shift in the stronghold’s focus from mere study to active exploration. The Doomguard is gearing up for an expedition into the Wasting Place, the border region between the planes of Dust and Ash. The objective is to investigate rumours of an unprotected yet intact city in this desolate area. Discovering such a city would be a treasure trove of research opportunities for the Doomguard. They are particularly intrigued by the possibility of understanding how this city resists the disintegrating effects of Dust. Such knowledge could not only aid in constructing new, more resilient bases in the plane but also monopolise this method of resistance to decay, ensuring that the rest of the multiverse cannot evade what the Doomguard sees as the inevitable embrace of Entropy.

Doomlord Pereid, known for her open-mindedness, welcomes visitors of various dispositions to the Citadel. Her guards, ever vigilant, routinely embark on reconnaissance missions into the Storm of Annihilation, seeking out entities or structures that have somehow withstood the ravages of time and decay. The presence of these missions highlights the ongoing commitment of the Doomguard to understanding and, perhaps in their own way, respecting the relentless force of Entropy that governs the multiverse.

Adventure Hooks:

  • Entropy’s Paradox: The players are sent to investigate a phenomenon within the Wasting Place where entropy seems to reverse, an area where things are becoming more ordered over time. This leads to a philosophical quandary about the nature of entropy and order, challenging the core beliefs of the Doomguard and prompting the players to ponder the balance between creation and destruction.
  • The Unchanging City: The expedition to the rumoured intact city in Dust’s border with Ash uncovers a place where time stands still. The players must explore this city, unraveling the mystery of its stasis. The twist: the city is a manifestation of the collective belief of the intelligent undead who dwell there, challenging the idea that belief itself is subject to entropy.

Canonical Sources:

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Sources: Ken Lipka, Jon Winter-Holt,

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