Alu-Akkad, God of Broken Systems

The Monkey in the Works

(Demipower of the disintegration of social institutions [He/Him] / CN)

Realm: Dust / Oasis of Filth / Everything Crumbles

Pantheon: Dust

Symbol: A torn hat 

You know what inertia is, don’t you? Inertia is when things continue the way they always have. The squirrels eat the fish, the fish eat the lettuce, and the lettuce eats the squirrels. Why should things change?

Alu-Akkad is one reason.  

The Monkey in the Works delights in watching complex patterns of behaviour among entities in the Inner and Prime planes break down, degenerate, or become lost and forgotten. His proxies, often modified alu-fiends, encourage ignorance and destruction. Paradyn is a nominal ally, but the two aren’t close.

The realm of Alu-Akkad contains numerous large buildings: banks, ministries, palaces, and churches half-buried in dust beneath a dusty sky. Those who enter it are spared from the disintegrating effects of the plane, but the effects on their mind are much greater. Every subjective hour spent in Everything Crumbles, everyone must make a save vs. spell or risk losing a random social proficiency or skill: this can even include language skills. Lost proficiencies can usually be remembered within a few weeks, with a little training.

For those actively seeking to hurt a society, Everything Crumbles isn’t a bad place to go.  Beware, however, Alu-Akkad’s aid can be a double-edged club.

Source: Lane Ripley

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